Picture of easy gifts: SALT & SUGAR SCRUB!
A couple days ago my cousin gave my mom, a tropical bath scrub. Being my odd self, I read the ingredients to find although there were many unrecognizable words, there were also many common words.
I researched a bit, and I took bits of what I learned and combined them to create a salt and sugar scrub, made with all common household items.

I realized that instead of buying $10-20 scrubs you could make it yourself! I had to spread my excitement and what's better than making an instructable!

Salt & sugar scrub is super easy and perfect for gifts! I hope you enjoy it and make lots of bath scrub to use!

In this instructable my units of measurements are spoonfuls. One spoonful is about one tablespoon, but it really doesn't matter.

Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:
-olive oil (almond oil works too)

-baking soda (A&H FTW)

-cane sugar

-turbinado sugar (or brown sugar, both would be lovely)

-sea salt

-vanilla extract (or essential oils)



-plastic bag (clean jar is better, plastic bag is cheaper)

-sticker paper (totally not necessary, use tape and regular paper, 100% cheaper)
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CoryK13 months ago
Can you tell me if this is a goldish or brownish color? I am
Making some for baby shower and would really like it if it were gold. Also,
Do they smell good? I want them to smell good as well.
char67089 months ago

how long can this keep

theLilyLady6 years ago
How please? is this stuff used? I understand that it is something for the skin, but do you dilute it or rub it on dry or what??? Are there any restrictions, like " don't use on mucus membranes" ?

It si best to rub it on dry, as you get the best effect of the total "exfoliation" in a sense.

you use it in the shower - not really a replacement for soap - but it can be a good replacement for lotion after the shower. The way I use it is i bathe as normal, rub salts into skin (especially good for elbows and knees) wash off -or- soak in the bath...hope that helps.
This mixture is pretty oily, so I wash off with soap and water and things are still pretty moist.
tacocats1 year ago
smells good don't it (falls asleep)
fgregory1 year ago
Thank you I love this stuff so much! :)
Using it in a sit down bath wouldn't be wise. You'd end up sticky and waste more water showering afterwards. The actual amount of sugar in a bath scrub is around a teaspoon to 4 cups, it's not much. It'll cause sticky skin, when the sugar goes bad it'll stink, also when you sweat you'll have slimmy skin. Use a coarse salt some Epsom salt and a little sugar and you won't be so sticky.
tinker2343 years ago
could i add a spray of coulnge to it to give a less female smell
ValerysGift3 years ago
can I add some food coloring to it?:))
yes, I believe you can. :)
laurelangel3 years ago
can I use regular mortonized salt? or would that mess it up?
sassybear776 years ago
Can you put in jars like canning jars?
I don't like to have glass in the shower, so I use plastic jars from other cosmetics, etc.
greenmia (author)  sassybear776 years ago
Probably, but you would want to add some natural preservatives. But don't take my word for it. :)
elnino27835 years ago
Have you considered grape seed oil?  I've heard it has great skin healing properties (stretch marks and other stuff).  The only downside is that it goes rancid faster and might be best to make in smaller batches.
I tend to make enough to use in a week or two because it is so easy to make.
Grapeseed oil doesn't go rancid as quickly as Sweet Almond Oil, which doesn't have a great shelf life. Grapeseed is fantastic.

To make these scrubs "last longer" (although in small batches like this why would you want to wait? Make more!) add a few drops of Vitamin E to your oil before mixing with the sugar. Will keep the oil from going rancid as fast.
kyrela5 years ago
can't you use coconut oil since it doesnt go rancid and has healing properities and does wonders for the skin...?
Coconut oil might work, I think as long as you use it in a timely matter it would be fine. Some people with sensitive skin can't use coconut oil... something to check for.
Batness kyrela5 years ago
Harder to use since it'd likely absorb the sugar. Not much of a scrub without the sugar.
llamaeyes4 years ago
I loved this! I made a couple of slight changes and added in vanilla and made the oil half olive half almond oil. I gave it out as part of my Christmas baskets. Half the people asked for more immediately and half of the people were afraid to use it because they wanted to use it sparingly. I had made my own before but your addition of the baking soda really made a difference.

That sounds great! I'll have to give it a try :)
JJYork4 years ago
Gave some as Christmas gifts and have poeple asking me for more
Lunarius4 years ago
This is a great gift idea; I've followed your guide except for two parts: mine contains no essential oil, and rather than olive oil I've substituted cocoa butter for a creamier consistency.

Do be careful with cinnamon oil, though: it can irritate the skin, especially near mucus membranes or those with already sensitive skin.
Is cane sugar different than white sugar?
 no cane sugar is white sugar and that brown sugar is raw sugar {expensive most places but cheep at the 99 cents store}
greenmia (author)  boblordofmonkeys5 years ago
Actually, brown sugar is different than raw sugar.  Raw sugar is a more natural/less purified form of cane sugar, and brown sugar is simply cane sugar plus molasses.
so...where do you think I could find it? There is powdered sugar, and refined white sugar, and golden sugar and brown sugar, and demerarah sugar at the grocery store, but I don't think any of these are what you mean.
greenmia (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Brown sugar would work perfectly, and I think demerarah is very similar to turbinado sugar.  It might have larger crystals though, so some crushing in a food processor wouldn't hurt. :)
thanks a lot for explaining that to me. you did a great job on this instructable.  Did you received the patch I sent you? Hope to see more of your excellent work.  BTW, if they haven't already, I think you should show your teachers what you have done. It shows great initiative!
greenmia (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Yeah! I did receive the patch! Thanks SO much!
I haven't shown any of this to my teachers yet, but I'll consider doing so!
Oh, and I have another instructable coming soon, and more planned for the future!  Instructables are hard work, and it's hard to keep me motivated, but are really fun to make never-the-less!
 i buy raw sugar at the 99cents store
you have 99 cent stors?????
Actually, C&H is the only real real Brown Sugar. All the rest are molasses with white sugar.
 i know thats what i meant sorry it came out wrong.
Could you use regular table salt instead of sea salt?
Good Morning.... Sounds like this scrub would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Do you have any ideal how long the scrub will last once it's it bagged up. Thank you in advance Lisa
sdhardie5 years ago
This is nearly identical to how I make mine, except I use coconut extract for scent. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling great! Thanks for posting!
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