this is a simple rig to turn your two man air cannon into a grapple.

Step 1: What You Need

to make this you need;

-sellotape/electrical tape


-a wooden arrow shaft

-easy two man air cannon by snorelaxy7

-a fishing reel

Step 2: How to Make It

first tape the fishing reel to the side of your pipe. 
then mould a pellet for your cannon but make it double the size you normally use. DO NOT FREEZE
then insert the shaft half way into the ammo and then freeze over night.
when the ammo is ready tie the fishing line around the arrow shaft and then load the gun from the front.

Step 3: Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoot the air cannon as normal and when you want your ammo back simply reel in and reload.
make sure the bail arm is off and the free-line is on otherwise it will come back and hit you in the legs.

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