Picture of easy homemade tattoo gun
i'll be showing you how to make a easy simple tattoo gun.

dont be stupid and use this on your self. but if you do it's not my fault if you get a nasty infection and your arm falls off. i suggest just using this gun on oranges and other fruits .

Step 1: What you will need

here is what you'll need
1 r.c. motor (i got mine from a old cassette player )
1 mechanical pencil
1 spoon for holding the motor like a cradle
1 high E guitar string(thats the thinnest one for the people who dont play guitar)
1 eraser from the pencil
1 old phone charger, Walkman adapter, whatever you can find like that
and a bunch of electrical tape
icastro23 years ago
I didn't get where to you put the ink... do you have to place the tip of the needle on the ink bottle? how to control how much ink you "pick" and how much you "use"?
TayTay1013 years ago
what do you use for a needle
Xander163 years ago
SGORDON8 ..you sayd that you`re making you`re OWN ink....how ? :D
russian55 years ago
How does it operate compared to a professional tattoo machine? I want to practice before I go for an apprenticeship, so I'm gonna make this.
You have to really know how to make a homemade tat gun, if you can and you have the skill's .. some tats will look better than pro jobs, I've been doing it for 25yrs
spangecore (author)  russian55 years ago
it doesnt compare at all. it is just kind of fun to play around with and i guess it could help with getting used to doing linework. my friends and i just got a cheap gun from the pawn shop.
One more question: What is the adapter?
spangecore (author)  russian55 years ago
just a old cell phone adapter i found
 what was the voltage on the adapter
spangecore (author)  iambarney1555 years ago
i cant remember the voltage i just used a old cell phone one. it was so long ago that i made this and i threw the ones i made out and just do stick and poke or pro equipment.
greenfreak4 years ago
were could i get the ink? thanks for the wicked instructable! :)
India ink at a craft store, ( you'll have to thicken it some with a base) or you can make you're own. I make my own...
jboos3 years ago
Anyone have any suggestions on what else to use besides an eraser? the eraser wont hold the guitar string. the string just ends up carving the eraser. >///<
sgordon8 jboos3 years ago
Use a shirt button, I use superglue and then heat to make a solid connection. Also I would not recommend using anything other than a common bic ink pen,it is a different build,( you remove the ball from the tip) but far better... If you use a guitar string you want to cut the string about 2" and solider it to a strong wire( like the green ground wire on your utility post) leaving about 1" of the string free , a plain steel .48mm works well
DeviL ArT4 years ago
thanks guys for sharing this :) .. imma try my self to make one..
whats a drimmel for one and will you post a picture of a tattoo you have done with this tool
Adin_lex4 years ago
its so easy to make a homemade tattoo gun and can be used on others and yourself. not using pen inc just buy mars matic inc and you are good to go.
 do you use the string for the needle or what
spangecore (author)  iambarney1555 years ago
yeah i just sharpened up the tip with a dremmel. i was thinking about attching a needle on there with a soldering iron so if you have the tool try it out.
j626no6 years ago
tattoo MACHINE!, not gun
in this case. it is a tattoo gun.
spangecore (author)  j626no6 years ago
a machine is the motor. the thing in whole is a gun.
Br14n j626no6 years ago
He actually is right. It's a machine not gun
do you need ink?
yes. india ink works but you have to thicken it up a little so look up how. but if you can get good tattoo ink then you dont have to worry about it. india ink works fine on oranges and you dont have to make it thicker.
tom irons6 years ago
this is best one yet!! you can also upload your finished homemade tattoo pics to grimycharms.com
.nitro6 years ago
heh, I make tattoo machine from pen, motor and guitar string... 2004... This machine is work on present days :)
Josh94King6 years ago
Really good mate. Managed to make it but im not going to tattoo myself. Works a treat though on fruit! Really good instructable, much simpler and better than the other ones. Cheers.
OJR56 years ago
were do the needle go
spangecore (author)  OJR56 years ago
through the pencil so there is, at most an eighth of an inch coming out when the motor is running. and the other end should be off center in the eraser. i would have made it more detailed but my camera wasnt good enough to take all the pictures. and i'm kinda lazy.
CaseyCase6 years ago
Remember kiddies--nothing says "classy" like a homemade tattoo!