This is my first Instructable so please go easy on me . It is a good gun that doesn't take much time or pieces of knex . I like it because it is the size of your hand.it has a range of about 9m.

Step 1: Barrel and Triger.

Just follow the photo.

Step 2: Handle

Just follow the photo.

Step 3: Ram Rod

Just follow the photo.

Step 4: Ammo

The ammo.

Step 5: Finished Gun!

put rubber bands
sorry about this guys it was a tester to see how this website works ive got more published now so cheack them out
Please dont post stuff like this. They are really bad, and give us knexers a bad reputation.
<p>I've made lots more and iwill post some more like my : sniper, sidearm and my crossbow.</p>
Its simple yet cool.
It's fine!
Thank you :-)

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