Picture of easy knex gun
new gun true trigger.jpg
very powerful when you use the green rod.
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Step 1: The barrel

Picture of the barrel
true trigger idea.jpg
you need 20 gray half circle pieces.6 gray one way connectors. one orange 2 way connector. 3 little black rods. 2 black one way connectors. 2 white rods. 1 90 degree connector.2 2 way connectrs (gray). and one black thing (see pic) assemble by picture. Almost forgot and six blue rods.

Step 2: The handle and stock

Picture of the handle and stock
build this using the picture.

Step 3: The bolt

Picture of the bolt
just use the pic there is tape on the orange piece connecting to the yellow rod.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of assembly
just use the pics.
flames103917 years ago
stupid block trigger
stupid you
well back up off him...he's my buddy i used to live down the road from him he did the best he could and his supplys were limited
srry but i made this a while ago and i didnt know aout them. please leave a link so i can give this gun a new trigger. thanks!!!
Here's a link to a bunch of info regarding K'nex guns if you wanna check it out.

Ooops.... Now i feel bad.... Well, check out some other knex guns to make your own trigger.
StyleCore7 years ago
Please dont post simple guns like these.