easy to build knex tank

Step 1: Motor Axle

its easy if you follow the picture.

Step 2: Rear of Tank

the picture is your step.

Step 3: Front

i oopsed here but in the next pic or two it will fix itself.

Step 4: The Chassis

this will hold the motor up off the ground.

Step 5: Attaching the Chassis

its really easy.

Step 6: The Front Is Assembled

this is a bit tricky in the front the chassis support beam is where the two way connector is the order is different just follow the pictures.

Step 7: The Track

just look at the picture

Step 8: The Finished Tank

just connect the track and your done.
some1 should make like a giant tank that can support a person and has controls...all you woul;d need is<br/><br/>-a whole **** lot of knex<br/>-some super glue, to make sure it not break<br/>-a bis @$$ motor<br/>-and some more knex<br/>and maybe a big rubberband<br/>
good idea, but u need a lot of wheels, u will have to put wheels every 2 or 3 inches again so the tank doesn't breaks .
ill get to work that thank for the idea :)
I use stronger treds made with white tubes and small grey parts, always 1 light part in the middle and 2 dark parts left and right of it, when u attach 2 wheels on each side of a motor ( leaving an opening between the weels ) the treds will have a lot of grip and won't slide away !
first comment! haven't got one of those for a while. looks good but I'm sure you could make it better.
not that it has any thing to do with it but...........................like the name<br />
isn't that a little small?<br />
nice but a little small I give you a 3/5 p.s.:bunny!!! (\_/) (0.0) (> <)
no sir bunny ()() (.,.) (,(,)
yay now I have 2 bunnies !
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/KNEX-TANK_1/">anyone wanna see my tank?</a><br/>
whoa nice tank! this is for u as well as others can u help me make my instructables better
1. thanks 2. how will we do that
ummm just help me improve them
ok but i dont have the green motor
neither do I. I have the clear motor with the battery pack.
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uhhhh...oh OK? holy crap its actually January 20th? woot <sup>.</sup> there are 31 days in January rite? that leaves...<br/>21 days till SSBB<br/>
what is ssbb
they changed the release date it's march 9 now : ( so 46 days. if you want wen you get it we could play online?
Does it even fire?
ya it fires my buddy is killer towls
ah yes, it was even remote poweredwith a motor and all i had to do was press that button and, boom! out blows a white rod, though, it was pretty big,it was cool anyway.
i built a tank once it was quit cool armour and all simular to yours, except with out a green gun thingy, don't know what i've done with it though...
lol, thats a pretty good idea...just a simpple little gun, like real tanks.......hey wait a sec...ive never seen u b4 jayg...are u new to isntructables, or new the the (very popular, lol) knex section?
That is a nice simple tank! Has anyone tried to add to this and add some armor or a gun?
i have made a double barrel morter that goes about 20ft but it is a manual where you have to physically pull it back,but it does have a trigger.
I got my motor from the loopin lizard set, the exact same motor to be exact. 2 of those are $24.99 on www.knex.com
cool <sup>.</sup>i tried to put a motor on the tank from the gear set,but i couldnt find a way to put it in &gt;.&lt; finally something nice and simple that people without 10thousand knex peices can build lol<br/>
Dang..I don't have that kind of motor. :-( Well, at least I think I don't.
you can use any other kind as long as it has a chassis.
finally none of those stupid little guns that crowd the site....
cool, ill build in the morning when im not sleepy

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