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this gun is made from knex.
i made it by my self
he was finished in 10 MINUTES.
it is verry easy

made by roy and melvin

Step 1: The Handel

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the handel is made easy

Step 2: The Shooter

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the shooter is made easy


JoshuaP14 (author)2015-09-08


how do you make it?

ParaGunner1324 (author)2014-01-21

Lacking. Make more instructions

halo99 (author)2007-09-08

hey guys can you post a knex gun thet shoots a rod but dus not need a rubber band! please post it

Here you go! It's basically just a white connector with green rods clipped onto it. Just push on the green rod and it will clip out and fly away with pretty much force. I also have a video:

dotancohen (author)halo992008-03-11

halo99, "dus" is spelled "does". Please help keep this website professional and use proper spelling. This is not myspace. Thanks.

Bartboy (author)dotancohen2008-05-17

wat? i dont get i wat du u meen? LOL

halo99 (author)Bartboy2008-05-17

it means that if you can post a knex gun that does not need to use rubberbands and can still shoot a rod or something!!

dotancohen (author)halo992008-05-17
You need something that will store the energy. Take your pick:
  • Elastic energy
  • Chemical energy
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential (gravity) energy
  • Nuclear energy

You pick, and I'll make an implementation suggestion.
DrWeird117 (author)dotancohen2008-12-14

Nuclear energy.

DrWeird117 (author)dotancohen2008-12-14

Do you have K'nex?

Bartboy (author)dotancohen2008-05-18

Make a co2 gun!

dotancohen (author)Bartboy2008-05-18

co2 guns are easy. Pop quiz: which of the energy storage types I mention does a co2 gun fall under?

Bartboy (author)dotancohen2008-05-18

I wonder... Chemical! now post a baking soda and vinager rifle!

Sgt.Waffles (author)Bartboy2008-06-07


Bartboy (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-07

What you mean?

Sgt.Waffles (author)Bartboy2008-06-15

Pressurized CO2 is not chemical energy.

Bartboy (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-15

Yes it is! The chemical energy come from baking soda and vinager , and then becomes pressurized, that is chemical!

dotancohen (author)Bartboy2008-06-15

Compressed is not chemical, even if it is a gas that is compressed. Tell me, which type of energy would you call it if it were a semi-rigid solid that was compressed instead?

Bartboy (author)dotancohen2008-06-15

kinetic, And elastic is kinetic!

dotancohen (author)Bartboy2008-06-15

It is elastic, but elastic is _potential_ energy:

dotancohen (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-15

@Bartboy: take a look at the list I wrote and tell me, which one seems closest to "compressed" in your opinion. Never mind that it's co2 being compressed.

Bartboy (author)halo992008-05-17

yes I understood you, I was making as many spelling mistakes as I could to annoy dotancohen

dotancohen (author)Bartboy2008-05-18

You will have to try harder than that! I don't get annoyed when people misspell. I simply think that they are childish.

Bartboy (author)dotancohen2008-05-18

Then why complain???

dotancohen (author)Bartboy2008-05-18

I was not complaining. I was helping.

DrWeird117 (author)dotancohen2008-12-14

You got a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of work ahead of you, TONS of people use Text talk. Ugh, annoying.

knexskating9 (author)dotancohen2008-03-30

i waz goin 2 made it butt i have 2 many knex guns end like no more peces

again, like dotancohen said, waz, goin, 2, made when it should be make, end, and peces are all careless spelling and grammar errors.

DrWeird117 (author)halo992008-12-14

There is one. Somewhere, I KNOW I saw it.

Owenmon (author)halo992008-12-07

the only way you could do that is 1. make it air-powered (almost impossible with knex 2. make it spring powered (pretty easy

Whaleman (author)2007-08-21

This is my question for all of the "simple" knex guns: What makes it special?

DrWeird117 (author)Whaleman2008-12-14

Please bash elsewhere.

Whaleman (author)DrWeird1172008-12-14

O rly?

It was merely an observation made a little less than a year ago. How was it bashing this instructable? I even put the "'simple'" in quotes so that one, such as yourself, would understand that I was referring to the class of knex guns with words like "easy" and "simple" in the title, such as this one.

So again I ask you, what was so trolling and bashing about this comment that was more so than the thousand other comments I posted? It seems to me that it was a good question to ask, "What makes it special?" and a question that should be asked of all knex guns, nay, all instructables. What makes it so special? What makes it special enough that it deserves its own instructable?

DrWeird117 (author)Whaleman2008-12-14

It was bashing because "I was referring to the class of knex guns with words like "easy" and "simple" in the title, such as this one."

Whaleman (author)DrWeird1172008-12-14

What in the bloody hell does that have to do with bashing? Would it be bashing if I said I was referring to the class of instructables with "How to..." in the title? It is a concrete fact that there are a large number of knex gun instructables with "easy" and or "simple" in their titles. It is also well known that the vast majority of these guns are similar in function and style. And about the "ha!" It would have made more sense had you replied to that comment instead of my perfectly sensible, non-trolling post. Also, when you are quoting quotes, you only use apostrophes instead of quotations. Had to say it because you were commenting on grammatical errors not more than two minutes before accusing me of bashing on this instructable.

DrWeird117 (author)Whaleman2008-12-14

And I wasn't talking about grammar when I quoted "ha!". I was talking about how you made fun of this.

DrWeird117 (author)Whaleman2008-12-14

Grammatical errors? When did I talk about that? Basically when you said that, you were saying that you thought this shouldn't be posted; it wasn't "special".

DrWeird117 (author)Whaleman2008-12-14

Not to mention the "ha!"

Darth Trainman (author)Whaleman2007-08-26

It was made by TWO people! lol...

Whaleman (author)Darth Trainman2007-08-26


Darth Trainman (author)2007-08-25

Easy. I've lost track of how many times I've heard this. This gun is absolutely nothing new. Before rushing in and building a gun as awful as this, you should look at other guns and their comments, to learn how to build a proper k'nex gun and make it new so you don't get barraged by such mean commenting such as this.

I was wondering: What is so great about a ball machine? What does it do?

Owenmon (author)2008-12-07

10 min? it would take me 2 min at the most to make a KILLERK COPY >:O

safety dance (author)2008-01-21

kool check mine out!

Crakur (author)safety dance2008-03-27

could someone build a gun that doesn't need like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of one piece (yes I'm exaggerating)

Ratchet and Clank (author)2007-12-31

hanDLE is spelt handle

cobra (author)Ratchet and Clank2008-02-07

It took 10 minutes and 2 people to buil this?!?!

Braeburn (author)2007-12-30


KalphaK (author)2007-12-09


knexpimp666 (author)2007-10-21

actually, all knex gun triggers are block triggers because they block the rod from going through the barrel, except the ones on rbg,s LOL XD

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