Easy Little Gun


Introduction: Easy Little Gun

this gun is made from knex.
i made it by my self
he was finished in 10 MINUTES.
it is verry easy

made by roy and melvin

Step 1: The Handel

the handel is made easy

Step 2: The Shooter

the shooter is made easy



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    how do you make it?

    hey guys can you post a knex gun thet shoots a rod but dus not need a rubber band! please post it

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    Here you go! It's basically just a white connector with green rods clipped onto it. Just push on the green rod and it will clip out and fly away with pretty much force. I also have a video:

    halo99, "dus" is spelled "does". Please help keep this website professional and use proper spelling. This is not myspace. Thanks.

    wat? i dont get i wat du u meen? LOL

    it means that if you can post a knex gun that does not need to use rubberbands and can still shoot a rod or something!!

    You need something that will store the energy. Take your pick:
    • Elastic energy
    • Chemical energy
    • Kinetic energy
    • Potential (gravity) energy
    • Nuclear energy

    You pick, and I'll make an implementation suggestion.

    Make a co2 gun!

    co2 guns are easy. Pop quiz: which of the energy storage types I mention does a co2 gun fall under?

    I wonder... Chemical! now post a baking soda and vinager rifle!

    What you mean?

    Pressurized CO2 is not chemical energy.

    Yes it is! The chemical energy come from baking soda and vinager , and then becomes pressurized, that is chemical!

    Compressed is not chemical, even if it is a gas that is compressed. Tell me, which type of energy would you call it if it were a semi-rigid solid that was compressed instead?

    kinetic, And elastic is kinetic!