Easy Longlasting Firestarter





Introduction: Easy Longlasting Firestarter

This fire starter is so easy and last a long time. Great for camping.

Step 1: Tools

You will need steel wool and a 9volt battery That it.

Step 2: Final Step

Just put the steel wool up to the 9volt and blow on the place where they meet. it should light up. Now put it on the kindling

Step 3: Enjoy

Enjoy Your great fire.I have used it a lot and it is the best way to start a fire.



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    do you have to use the whole steel wool or can you section it up?

    i was looking for an easier way to start camp fires. thanks for the instructable

    how long does it take for the steel wool to light

    wow quote DANGEROUS! IT COULD START A FIRE ha ha nice

    good joke

    DANGEROUS! IT COULD START A FIRE :D nice job i never woulda thought steel wool would heat up from a 9 volt battery!

    thats what this thing is for-starting fires!

    you usd the wrong type of no. its know

    oh ok