Easy Made Bow With Frozen Arrows





Introduction: Easy Made Bow With Frozen Arrows

This is my first instructable so sorry if i  have bad pictures. when me and my brothers get bored we made weapons and one was  a bow and arrow that shot pretty far. i added my own twist with arrows you could freeze so they could go farther and would be able to use over and over again. Sorry i can't use pictures for the bow because i already made it and am now out of skewers to use.

Step 1: Materials

 For this you'll need
10 wooden skewers in case you made a mistake you could also use k-nexs or an other materials strong enough not to break
about 5 rubber bands you can use less for it to have more strength
a roll of duct tape
4 straws
a pencil
a pencil sharpener
and maybe a stapler

Step 2: Forming the Bow

Get three skewers and tape them together so that they're strong and form a bow shape like how the bow below.

next, take 3 to 4 rubber bands and tie them together you now should have a string tie this to the bow and duct tape it  so that it does not come off.
now test the band so it can stretch out and not break the bow structure

Step 3: How to Make the Frozen Arrow

To make the frozen arrow cut the tip of  one of the straws sideways so you should be able to stick it in the pencil now tape it so it sticks and does not  come off or leak.

next stick the other straw into the open end of the  first straw you should now be able to tape those two for an air tight seal.

next fill the straw with water tape the end of the straw so no water can escape and put in the freezer.

now take the frozen arrow out sharpen the pencil to a point and now you have a reusable frozen arrow.



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