Easy Making Coin Case With Pattern





Introduction: Easy Making Coin Case With Pattern

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Hello,this is my third post.
Let's make a "coin case" today.

---2015/05/02 update---

Step 1: Pattern and Parts

size notation / mm

PDF file to printing.

Please download from the web browser.

Note:Custom size at the time of printing.

----2015/05/02 update---

pattern add coin cover.

(Please watch my YouTube)


parts thickness "1.2mm"


----2015/05/02 update---

YouTube up

easy making coin case

Step 2: Make Holes

■see photo
doing like a photo.

(Sewing machine stitch)

Step 3: Mounting Hooks and Shaping 1

■see photo
doing like a photo.

Mounting Hooks.

and shaping.

Step 4: Mounting Hooks and Shaping 2

■see photo
doing like a photo.

Mounting Hooks.

and shaping.

Let conscious of the balance.

Step 5: Completion

(I'm sorry less sentences.)

Please find your own size!!!

see you next.




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    34 Discussions

    I will tell my wife to follow your instructables

    1 reply

    even without a lot of sentences, this is a great pattern! I see it for my saved coffee bags with eyelets of matching colors! Even felt would be super cool to make this pattern with too! Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    amazingly beautiful I just need to know where did you get the Snap's?

    2 replies