Picture of Nerf Recon C6S Attachment and Dart Mod
Today I'll teach you a mod (more of an attachment) for the nerf recon, and how to make streamline darts.Please don't criticize me if I spell stuff wrong
p.s I don't have a camera so i had to get pictures from the internet.

Step 1: The mod

Picture of the mod
You will need the following: one Nerf Strikefire,one Nerf Recon,and lastly you need however many dart tag darts you want to mod.

Now all you have to do is take the green piece on the Strikefire and slide it across the bottom of the Recon's barrel extension.

lol this is not that great sorry i guess it would be better if you had a cam good luck next time =D
This isn't a mod, it isn't an instructable and you're a useless troll.
And you gotta big chip on your shoulder
You called him a "useless troll" you don't know what he's got going on in his life.
In this case, he is. He has two instructables, one of which is more outdated for its post date than my gun. They are both pointless.
thefoodman (author)  mettaurlover4 years ago
You're really going to say I'm useless because I only have two instructables.I don't see how what I post on the internet and how often I post makes me useless.I don't see how having a life makes me useless.
yeah i know5 years ago
Sorry but you should get pics. These mods aren't really mods and the dart one is already a mod.
Make a better mod. like built in laser or something else new if you want to redeem your fail.
thefoodman (author)  yeah i know5 years ago
sry i don't have a camera
~Z~ thefoodman5 years ago
Do you have a webcam?
thefoodman (author)  ~Z~5 years ago
lil larry4 years ago
how come everyone's being so maen. I hate it when people do that

5/5 >:(
lil larry4 years ago
just a thought for a different attachment for the recon:

I thought of making a shotgun attachment and u take a PVC pipe and cut an "L" shape that at laest can fit a pen through it. then put the spring in and stick a pen a in the "L" and pull it and lock it by pushing it into the turn of the "L" and then test it out, but it sounds expensive and
Pizzapie5004 years ago
*cough cough* spelling sucks *cough sneeze*
thefoodman (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
I fixed the spelling errors.
techno24 years ago
this isn't a nerf mod
afleticwork5 years ago
ok if you guys want a good attachment for the recon take the little laser pointer thing on the bottum of the gun take the guts out of it  hollow it out and it becomes a scope and the laser thing is completely worthless in some cases oh and take a drill and drill out the air flow restrictor (dont take a long screw driver and a hammer and try to pound the thing out you will break the gun and if you are lucky all  you will have to do is glue the peace back on) it will make the gun a lot more powerful
 i dont get how to do it
thefoodman (author)  Anoop1015 years ago
are u talking about afleticworks comment or the instructable
the instructable
uhh... how is this a mod?
thefoodman (author)  CaffeineHouse5 years ago
i couldn't think of a better name.XD
the light is just red not infared
he said dont critisize me
thefoodman (author)  corn fluffleberry6 years ago
i know
 dude spelling and pictures use them better
Grim-reaper5 years ago

every body be quiet its an attachement he is just showing the best place to a ttach a smaller gun

novakfor35 years ago
This isn't really even an Instructable on how to modify a Nerf gun. Plus, you used pictures off the Internet. 1/5 Stars, sorry man.
thefoodman (author)  novakfor35 years ago
read the first sentence and it tells you its an attachment
mr awsome5 years ago
i agree with the corn dude thats true
thefoodman (author) 5 years ago
please comment
this is NOT a mod. it's just telling people the best place to attach a smaller gun.
Yeah, and about the "lets see you make a nerf instructable then" anyone could make it better than u
thefoodman (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
lets see you make a nerf instructable then
thats true
chuck_dee5 years ago
Well id rather make stefans...
thefoodman (author)  chuck_dee5 years ago
ok then