Introduction: Easy Peesy Helmet Cam for Any Camera(digital)

So, you wanted to make a camera clamp-on for your helmet?well you came to the right place..
the things you will neeeeeeeeeed Are
1. a camera (obviously)!
2.a cheapo peapo bicycle helmet(with air holes

3 . tripod.most places you buy cameras from usually give them for free!

Step 1:

so you have to unscrew the top part of your tripod until it pops out like the photo given.

Step 2:

then you screw your camera on the tripod's "popped out part"

Step 3:

and the final step .. insert your tripod's handle into one of the air holes of you helmet.
and voila! you are ready to record your bicycle memories!


loudboy (author)2014-03-29

I like the ingenuity, but I'm concerned about the safety. The helmet is there to cushion and protect your head if you crash, but you've just put a spear in it. Good luck!

Stan1y (author)loudboy2014-03-30

I'm inclined to agree Michael Schumacher was wearing a hermit the cam reports in the press suggest that it concentrated the blow and totally negated any benefit that the helmet alone would have provided

Stan1y (author)Stan1y2014-03-30

A hermit!!! I must check before I hit send that should read a helmet cam

hamza3249 (author)loudboy2014-03-29

I agree..i think i should come up with something ..i dont know,conveinient?

hamza3249 (author)2014-03-29

sorry bout the messy background... packing for traveling!

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