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Introduction: Easy Pulsejet

This is the simplest pulsejet you could make and costs only Rs.110 and has got a good throttling range,which you could see in the video..No need to strain much to start this engine it starts in a single attempt..Thanks for watching see you all in the next pulsejet video..



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    i have build this pulsejet according to your design and i have a blower to strat the engine ..... i will upload a video soon...... the engine is totally waste since .... on dipping the 3 mm intake pipe of a LPG gas ..... the gas burns .....<i enter a burning nozzle of LPG> gas .... and the gas just burn in the combustion chamber with some less noise but there is no thrust .... now i am going to make some modification cutting the length of the intake pipe since .... a suty flame<black smoky> flame is coming out that means less combistion of the gas .... and again a argumentr in the exhaust section of the engine ..... ..... but my NON THRUSTABLE engine strat without a blower .... and it really sucks .... since i wanna make a RC car or a plane within two days ..... if u can ..... help me


    Man even I am from Nepal. Can you please tell me where you found those components. I want do this for my science fair.

    From your above explanation i can understand that you got problem starting the engine. First of all check the following things

    1. Did you perform a leak test
    2. Dont use the normal LPG regulator used in house. Try to use high pressure regulator.
    3. Ignition should be inside CC not at the exhaust pipe.
    4. Did you make any changes (dimensions) from the above design.
    5. Do not supply high volume of air to start the engine.

    In my point of view i did not find this engine waste because i performed a thrust test it was able to produce 8 to 9 pounds of thrust. Try to check the above things.

    yup man i got it .... i just checked leak test with water fill in it .... so it pass the test ..... means leak proof and high pressure regulator ok will try to best to find in market .....hope i got it and yaa ... the ignition system is a burning flame from small pipe<inlet> coz my spark plug doesn't run from my ingnition coil ... i try to innovate a idea by dissembling a gas liter .... mm may call u can i have ur number ...... i am from nepal and if i hav ur phone / cell i can call u ... since my project submission is late tommorrow and may be it heklp in eleventh hour

    You can contact me through instructables for any other clarifications.

    Has anyone tried water cooling? I'm building one now and I'm going to attempt to wrap the combustion area with copper pipes filled with cool water and a pump connected to a cool water reserve to help keep the engine cool

    You make a try and share your results here. Many are eager to try this.

    Ok so i have tried starting by the use of a sparkler and a pressurized coke bottle for air. (dont have a compressor)

    I get a few splutters and then it dies out.
    I can deduce that its either i dont have enough air from the coke bottle or the gas feed line is too small to supply sufficient gas essentially starving itself.

    I have attached a pic of both. I cant measure the tube now but my thumb is 20mm wide for a reference.

    Let me know your thoughts


    fuel line should be 0.3cm inner dia which is 3mm. Use blower for starting the engine because you should need 2 to 3 bar of pressure for this engine.