Picture of easy quick fun javelin
A javelin that works and is easy to make. Like I said in the title.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need a straight stick, a weight (rock), a long piece of string or duct tape, a glue gun if you are bad with knots, and you can add a kitchen knife to it.
gamelord1466 years ago
i used a blow gun tube a golf ball, a foam arrowhead, tons of tape and four pens
sharlston6 years ago
nice ible its really cool and well written :)
izaak7 years ago
can so0mebo0dy tell my what can i put in end of the stick that could be "a little bit more safe" please i need to make one of these the next saturday but without the knife x)
lycoris3 izaak6 years ago
i think the only thing you CAN put is a bag of flour or part of a pillow w/out the stick sharpened.
smboling7 years ago
I made one of these only I replaced the knife with a sharp rock, glued it on with some pine resin, tied it with mock animal tendon.
newman86687 years ago
this could be improved on alot no offence
xiao hawk8 years ago
I'm thinking atlatl (Search the dictionary/encyclopedia/internet). Anyone have any ideas on how to make one?
Search the internet.

Or: http://www.primitiveways.com/
Tvman8 years ago
this looks like somthin that could kill somthing or someONE so i would put "IM NOT LYABLE" all over this one -_-
eliboom8 years ago
pretty sweet i love making weapons, im gonna make this one...for sure!
making weapons is my PHLIPPIN LIFE dont even get me started ;)
dartman8 years ago
now, im all for sharp objects flying through the air but taping a knife to a stick and throwing it around doesnt strike me as all that "safe" w/e my biggest concern however is that it will lose its "fun" when you impale yourself or a nieghbors dog...or your nieghbor for that matter....
AgentDanny8 years ago
nice design. maybe to make it more aerodynamic and balanced you could split the stick at the end and remove the blade from the knife then fix it in the split end of your killing stick.
and where am i going to throw this thing around? jk looks dangerous
Dieffsta8 years ago
well spears are always good so i like this
Danny Dieffsta8 years ago
normal javeling dont need such a heavy weight and thats what makes them fly well so i would just wrap some batteries round the javelin with string and duct tape becuase this will make it more areodynamic than the rockand also dont put too much weight on there
Danny Danny8 years ago
i forgot 2 say me likee... no rearly i like it!