Picture of easy seed starter.
a simple, cheap way to get some seed started before getting them into the garden.
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Step 1: Materials.

Picture of materials.
egg carton, any size.
plastic wrap.

Step 2: Step one. osh.

Picture of step one. osh.
first thing to do is cut off the top of the carton, save this for later.
then lay seeds in the carton.
cover the seeds with some soil, up to the bridges between the cells.

Step 3: When osh doesn't have what you need. step two. lowes

Picture of when osh doesn't have what you need. step two.  lowes
now take the lid you cut off earlier. place a layer of plastic wrap on top, big enough to have a inch hang off.
now place the cells into the lid and water the seeds. the lid will act as a support to the cells.
when they get wet, they will get weak.

Step 4: Almost done.

Picture of almost done.
now wait a week or so depending on the germination time.
when plants are large enough transplant them into a larger container or directly into garden.
the egg carton is biodegradable and the soil will help the plant with nutrients.

Step 5: Notes.

it looks like this methods works for all my seeds.
don't know what to do with the top of the carton after planting the plants.
I'll update later if I think of anything.

Step 6: Update

Picture of update
as you can see the plants are tall and you can see how the roots find a way out of the bottom.
I cut along to row and planted it like that. makes planting corn easy.
NinjaJay5 years ago
 I did this egg-carton seed tray recently, before seeing your instructable, and will also plant it all directly in the ground, but wanted to offer that probably not all plants will be strong enough that their roots will be able to push right through the form.  I pre-pricked the bottom of the cones before sowing seeds in.

Also did one slight thing too of using top of egg carton as a seed tray for smaller seeds like lettuce. 

These corn plants you've got look like they're off to a great start.  Kudos!

omg corn rocks!

dventu6 years ago
I will try that i don't think it would work