Picture of easy ski storage stand
Here is a ski storage stand that can be broken down and reassembled without tools.  It can be made from a quarter sheet of plywood and half of a dowel. 

It has a divider between the skis to minimize rusting edges as the skis dry.

I made it at TechShop

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1/2 inch ply wood 24 x 48
1/2 inch dowel  18"
1X1x24 wood strip (optional)
wood glue
varnish, paint or other finish

Step 2: Research

1.  Search the web for dimensions for ski storage stands. I found common dimensions to be 12" height by 16" depth, and 20 to 24" length.  Note that very large and wide powder skis require a greater stand depth to provide the necessary stability.

2.  Measure your skis to determine what dimensins you  will need.  Pay attention to the width of the tails and the distance between the binding and the tail.  Adjust the required dimensions as needed. 

Step 3: Cutout

Picture of Cutout
1. Rip  three 2 1/2" wide strips off the 48" length of ply wood.  Cut each in half.  You now have the five cross members, plus a spare.

2.  Cut two rectangles to make up the end pieces. The dimensions should correspond to the desired final height and depth

3.  Clamp the crossbars together and cut 1 1/4" inch deep dados, just wide enough to fit 1/2" plywood snugly.  All five cross members should be identical.

4.  Repeat the process for the end pieces.   You should have three dados on the top and two on the bottom.

5.  Assemble the pieces to ensure a proper fit.

Step 4: Drill out

1. Drill holes in three cross members for the dowels that will separate the skis in the rack.  The distance will be determined by the width of the skis you plan to store.

Hint:   Clamp alll three together with a small scrap of 1/2 " ply wood in the dado slot, to ensure holes are aligned

2.  Cut dowels to length
TeodorRepud2 years ago
Cool idea! I will try to do it! http://zeleniy-kvartal.ru/