Introduction: Easy T-shirt Printing Without Silk Screen

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Sometimes you just want to say something without actually saying it. As a naturalised kiwi, I occasionally need to put cheeky Aussies in their place. This is my solution !!! ;-)
I had a bunch of free T-shirts and the paint was NZ$13 and I have enough for about 50 shirts.


A blank T-shirt

A Plasticising pocket (or Laminator sheet) same thing!

Sharp Knife


Picture of your design

Fabric Paint

Some paper towels/sheet of paper to iron thru


Step 1: Find the Picture You Like - the More Insulting the Better.

Picture of Find the Picture You Like - the More Insulting the Better.

So I googled a picture of Australias most famous inhabitant (no not Paul Hogan) a kangaroo (might be a wallaby I suppose - who knows or even cares!!)

Step 2: Cut Out the Pattern on the Template

Picture of Cut Out the Pattern on the Template

I used a sharp craft knife for this

Step 3: Iron on to the Shirt

Picture of Iron on to the Shirt

I ripped the top sheet from the plasticised pocket (or laminator pouch) and ironed it on the shirt (glue side down obviously)

(this is from a different shirt I made earlier (as they would say in Blue Peter))

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint

I put a couple of sheets of paper inside the shirt to prevent "bleed through" and painted with fabric paint. I did two coats for even coverage. I let it dry for about five minutes.

Step 5: Fix the Paint

Picture of Fix the Paint

I ironed the paint to "fix" it in accordance with the instructions. I used paper towels to stop the fabric paint transferring to the iron.

Step 6: Peel Off the Template

If you are careful you can remove and reuse the template. I wasn't careful!! You could stick the templates on silk screen material and reuse time and time again if you wanted. I forgot to take a picture at this point.

Step 7: And There It Is. Evil Kiwi Insults Aussies!

Picture of And There It Is. Evil Kiwi Insults Aussies!

Job Done - Insults inbound!!

Have added another picture as have gone the whole hog and tried colours!!


PokeCardAddict (author)2015-12-22

This is so damn awesome!!! What is a laminating pouch?

buck2217 (author)PokeCardAddict2015-12-22

It's the thing you put a sheet of paper in then heat up through a laminating machine to make a poster like this -

cybergod (author)2015-07-16

Oh, just so you know wallabies are smaller, don't jump the same as a kangaroo, are much smaller and more compact/stocky.

Onto the other query (no not a Kiwi), you lost me at plastic sleeve thingy. Could you do a full list of stuff, us Aussies sometimes miss the finer details ?

buck2217 (author)cybergod2015-07-16

Hi just got back from Port Douglas last week, if you go to my other T-shirt entry it is a bit more detailed.

But basically the plasticising sleeves have a heat activated glue on the inside, so once you have cut your pattern you open them up and use the top sheet as your iron on template

if you are really stingy you can use both halves for 2 templates but I find the picture stays in position better for cutting if you put it in the pocket rather than trying to hold a single sheet on it

MikB (author)buck22172015-07-18

Interesting technique, by "Plasticising sleeves" -- do you mean laminator pouches?

MikB (author)MikB2015-07-18

Ah, just seen the other instructable link: And, yes you do :)

Now I know what to use the offcuts from oversize pouches for!

buck2217 (author)MikB2015-07-18

It is better to either get the drawing between 2 pieces or maybe pin thru to hold in position

buck2217 (author)MikB2015-07-18

Correct! I knew I could use a better name for them. its what they are called here in NZ

buck2217 (author)buck22172015-07-16

It is at or click on the pic in buck2217 s other instructables

bassmansimon (author)2015-07-16

no insult needed. we aussies love eating Skippy

buck2217 (author)bassmansimon2015-07-16

They say you are what you eat, funny but I don't remember eating a F#####G AWESOME !! lol

sboja (author)buck22172015-07-17

Haha, well argued... ?

buck2217 (author)sboja2015-07-17

Always like a good barney

eilu (author)2015-07-16

Actually, it tastes more like beef. :D

buck2217 (author)eilu2015-07-16

But,But,But everything tastes like chicken -- it's a default flavour

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