Picture of easy temporary knot
c9 your tool copia.jpg
string will help you to mark straight lines, define angels and so. To tighten the string one needs a rapid knot, easy to make and to undo.
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Step 1: Other tools

Picture of other tools
a length of string, slightly elastic
something to measure with
a pencil
some nails
a hammer
and possibly some tongs

Step 2: Measure and mark

Picture of measure and mark
a3 marc copia.jpg
a4 confirm copia.jpg
a5 other side copia.jpg
Its up to you what you want, where you need the line for, or what angels you want to define. her is just an abstract example

Step 3: Nailing

Picture of nailing
a7 hammer it copia.jpg
a8 firm , not too copia.jpg
a9 other side copia.jpg
as long as they hold a little strain, don't hammer them in too far

Step 4: Fix knot 1

Picture of fix knot 1
b1 knot copia.jpg
b2 tighten copia.jpg
b3 catch nail copia.jpg
On on side just a simple knot will do. you might leave it afterwards

Step 5: The Knot , firts step

Picture of The Knot , firts step
b5 twist copia.jpg
b7 pull copia.jpg
the idea is to twist the loop 8 to 12 times, depending much on the string resistance. I mostly twist counterclock wise, doesn't seem to matter much.

Step 6: Tightening

Picture of tightening
You might want to help the tightening, pulling the fixed part of the string towards the nail, also pulling the loose end , working with both hands.

Step 7: Closing the knot

Picture of closing the knot
c0 closing 2 copia.jpg
c1 closing 3 copia.jpg
c2 let go copia.jpg
by moving the loose end, keeping it tight, to the opposite side, the knot moves towards the nail. then let go. if all is correct, the knot stays. If it slips, try again, twisting is a couple of times more

Step 8: Ready

Picture of ready
c4 marc copia.jpg
you now have a tight string, a straight line, mark the piece where you need it, or transport the angle to your work piece.

Step 9: Loosening

Picture of loosening
c6 pull copia.jpg
c7 loose again copia.jpg
Bring the loose end again towards te tight string, and pull. The knot is gone. Get the twisted string of the nail.

Step 10: Finished

Picture of finished
c9 your tool copia.jpg
pull the nails out, roll the string, you can use it for years. String is a basic tool,
try it, the knot is made in seconds.
good luck with your work and projects.
Kiteman7 years ago
A useful knot, although I think you may mean "temporary" ("not lasting long").
tekaka (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Yes, you are right. It should say temporary, meaning a knot that will serve its purpose for just as long as you are working on it. My English is not so good. The Instructable came out a bit too dry, I should babble more. one day i will learn. thank you, tekaka