Picture of easy to make pretty bracelets
So easy to make but so pretty. Great to shear with your friends, you could even make them as friendship bracelets
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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of you will need:
First you will need to gather your materials:
-bead stringing wire, nylon coated stainless steel 0.30mm
-jump loops
-strong clasp
-2 colors of small beads similar size or spacer beads
-2 types of bigger beads similar size 
-crimp beads
all can be found at a craft store 
Sorry! the image bellow is a bit rubbish

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
now we can start making! you will need to cut the bead stringing wire so it will go twice round your wrist 

Step 3: Loop for clasp

Picture of loop for clasp
push a crimp bead along your wire to the end leaving a small loop this is were we will attach the clasp.use you pliers the close the bead tight

Step 4: Leaving a gap

Picture of leaving a gap
you will need to leave a gap and add another crimp bead for the space between the beads and the clasp. try make the bracelet look even, try to leave even gaps at each side.

Step 5: Adding beads

Picture of Adding beads
Now it is time to add your beads start with a spacer bead then add a larger bead ,it looks neater. Use spacer beads between bigger beads.Once you have added all your beads put another crimp bead on the end.

Step 6: End loop

Picture of End loop
This is probably the most difficult part. You need to add another loop at the end. I do this by threading a crimp bead on then bending the ends into it and crimping. 

Step 7: Finishing off

Picture of Finishing off
To finish you will need to add jump loops and a clasp. For people who are familiar at making jewelry will know how to open and close jump loops. All you have to do is use two pairs of pliers to twist them open and shut remember to trap a clasp in one of them.   

Step 8: Finished

Picture of Finished
Your done!
They're so delicate and pretty! Great job!

(And now I know what crimp beads are used for. hooray!)
Very simple and cute! This really makes me want to get back into jewelry making!