Easy Way to Ignite Fire to Vegetable Coal (without Blowing). Una Forma Facil De Encender Fuego Al Carbon Vegetal (sin Soplar)





Introduction: Easy Way to Ignite Fire to Vegetable Coal (without Blowing). Una Forma Facil De Encender Fuego Al Carbon Vegetal (sin Soplar)

sorry my poor english!

this is the way i ignite fire to vegetable coal. once you ignite the news paper, all you have to do is wait the coal turns on to embers.
materials: vegetable coal, 5 o 6 sheets of a news paper and lighter or matches.

de esta forma enciendo fuego al carbon vegetal, sin necesidad de soplar. una vez que el papel de periodico es encendido, solo tienes que esperar que el carbon se haga brasas.
materiales: carbon vegetal, 5 o 6 hojas de papel de periodico y encendedor o fosforos.

Step 1: Rolling the News Paper Sheets / Enrollando Las Hojas De Periodico

take a news paper sheet and roll up, then make a ring. repeat this with all the sheets.
toma una hoja de periodico y enrollala, luego luego haz un anillo. repite esto con todas las hojas.

Step 2: Preparing the Coal / Preparando El Carbon

put the rings of paper one on other one, then put the coal arround and order like a "volcano".
coloca los anillos de papel uno sobre otro, luego coloca el carbon alrededor y ordenalo como un "volcan".

Step 3: Ignition / Encendido

take a chunk of paper, light it and put in to the botom of the ring paper pile. no need to blow. thats all.
toma un trozo de papel, enciendelo y colocalo en el fondo de la pila de anillos de papel. no necesias soplar. eso es todo.



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    That's a good idea :)

    is this spanish too? so carbon in spanish means coal? lol i learned a new word!

    in spanish we use the word "carbon" to refer mineral coal, vegetable coal (charcoal) or the chemical element carbon (C).

    cool. Thanks man.

    Wena. De repente vi un Mercurio, una Cristal y un carbón Nalcahue. Ojalá que sigan los Instructables chilenos. Saludos.

    Enorabuena por haber publicado en Ingles y Español !! Ojala veamos mas de eso por estos rumbos. Saludos,

    i use also a spoon of salt ( yeah, keeps the fire going on for longer) between the newspaper, try it ... yo tambien uso una cucharada de sal ( si, mantiene el fuego mas tiempo) en medio del periodico , intentalo ... nice thing the span section.

    i`ll use salt next time. usaré sal la próxima vez.

    I'm one of those people who know how to light a fire. While this may help a person, either you know your fire or you don't. People who can do this already can, people who can't still won't be able to because it's a skill, not a method. To put it differently, you're have not shared details of fire-starting, possibly because (as a skilled fire-starter) you take them as common knowledge(?) The stack looks good, I will consider using it. L

    Nicely done (and near idea.) This is the way multi-language projects SHOULD be, IMO. Even if all the languages weren't perfect, they went with the pictures well enough to make the whole thing very understandable.