Easy Way to Orginize and Store Tools for Almost Free!





Introduction: Easy Way to Orginize and Store Tools for Almost Free!

Super easy,fast, and practically free way to orginize and store tools!
This will only work with the cheap tools tha come in the plastic wrapping.

Step 1: Materials Needed!

All you will need is:
1. of coarse the tool.
2. some sissors (or something that can cut the plastic)
3 I used some double sided tape (you can use super glue stapels or whatever you want to join the edges together)

All theese items i found at my local 99 cent only store. "I usually find all the items for all my projects at the 99 cent only store."

Step 2: Almost Done!

Cut the edges that wrap around and hold the backing on, but be sure to leave a little tab all around the tools so you have something to glue onto. Glue the tabs together in any order you want.

Step 3: All Done!

Yes thats really it. Just replace the tools where they originally were in the packaging, and enjoy.

Step 4: Conclusion!

The best part is that you can arrange this in anyway you would like. you can also cut around each tool and customize what goes where, and bring them close together if you like. You don't need to keep them where they originally placed, just incase you keep certain tools in certain drawers.

I think i spent $2 (not including the tool) for the tape and sissors and i can use this again. thanks for looking and enjoy



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