Picture of DIY, free Laptop Stand and Cooler
easy....Free Notebook Stand and Cooler(just removable and use)
Hi, my Nickname is shostakovich, it's Russian Composer's name.
and I like he...
now.... we thinkng about making free notebook Stand and Cooler

using motor-fan 's back side steel net

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Step 1: Just unpack

Picture of just unpack
motor fan..... unpack

Step 2: Just use...

Picture of just use...
sorry about my poor English :-)
so..and very cool for notebook....
Cobalt594 years ago
I bet you could add the motor in there some where as well.
apskari4 years ago
Our fan broke and I took this as an example. Flipped the steel net upside down and it works perfectly.
Chowmix125 years ago
 not very stylish, but may be useful.... and may scratch and slide off...
shostakovich (author)  Chowmix125 years ago
thaks... use ruber plate
But nonetheless, nice idea..
apskari5 years ago
Finally!!! Simple and stupid, always the best...
shostakovich (author)  apskari5 years ago

thanks to reply

have a nice day
mattronix5 years ago
its a bit basic
shostakovich (author)  mattronix5 years ago
sure and it's free!!
o and i say
its basic but dose the job good
10/10 for the idaer
and nice idaer to use a old fan to do it dose the laptop stay on or do u have to hold it on ?
shostakovich (author)  mattronix5 years ago
yes... actually... old fan steel grid top is rubbered..
its cool tho for what it is i mean these things cost 50 at least were i live so its a brill idaer
Soy Juan5 years ago
Very good and easy !
shostakovich (author)  Soy Juan5 years ago
junits155 years ago
shostakovich (author)  junits155 years ago
oh.... thanks.... :-)