Eclipse Knex





Introduction: Eclipse Knex

this is the eclipse made of knex

Step 1: The Main Platform

make the main platform

Step 2: Step 2 of the Main Platform 2X

this is the second step of the main platform make this TWICE

Step 3: Step 3 of the Main Platform

connect the last 2 steps toghetter

Step 4: Make the Poles

make 2 of these poles and connect it to the main frame

Step 5: Top Shaft

make 2 of these

Step 6: Make the Main Shaft

connect this exactly how it is pictured

Step 7: Connect

connect it all toghetter

Step 8: The Car Pole

make the pole were the car is going to be

at the end 2 red rods
mid 2 orange connectors
start mid:P2 yellow rods
start 2 snowflakes
very start 1 white rod

Step 9: Connect

connect it all toghetter

Step 10: Make the Car

you can replace the 2 yellow connectors at the top by 2 orange.

make the 4 gray connectors at the top for the counterweight

Remake this EXACTLY!

Step 11: Shaft for the Car

also here you can replace the 2 yellow conectors to 2 orange
i dindt made that becouse i ran out of knex:P

Step 12: Connect

connect it all toghetter

Step 13: Connect

connect the car to the 2 snowflakes

Step 14: Counterweight

i used the scream thingy of the starbust spinner pack as counterweight
if you dont have this be creative :) such as tape battery packs to it

Step 15: Connect It All Toghetter

dont swing it it maybe fall sideways or it collapse

Step 16: Decoration/stronghold

make this 2times or 4 times

Step 17: Connect It

connect it as the pictures show
if you build the previus step twice use the other side, if you made the previus step 4 times connect it at all poles

Step 18: Last Step :)

connect it all toghetter and you are finished :)

Step 19: The Real Ride

this is the real ride



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    hey you dont know me but i love your ride please please can you post a new ride now please?

    :OMG the second one then the third one cuz the thrid rotates with a rotater, the thing that spind has a smalll spinner in it whick is great for a ride, the second cuz it goes from ride to transportable car

    second one

    I love this instructable make more rides please!!!!

    thx:) i have a homemade ride but i can post it after my vacation im going to vacation in an half hour :(


    Exactly. I'm curious, but what in the world is this? Judging from the step descriptions, I guess this was intended to be the Eclipse car?

    it looks nothing like an eclipse car.