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I happen to have a huge stockpile of different play dough recipes and I was shocked that there weren't any edible ones here on instructables yet! I make a different dough for my son almost every week, so I figured I may as well make instructables for them. That way everyone can have as much fun as we are with them! I figured that a basic peanut butter one would be a good place to start. There are quite a few recipes for them out there, but I like this one the best because it is a little healthier and has a nice taste. I might put up other peanut butter dough recipes later in the future. Snag generic peanut butter when it's on sale and this is a very affordable afternoon of fun and a treat that isn't loaded with sugar as well!

If you are making this for children that aren't your own, be sure they aren't allergic to peanuts and peanut products or dairy. Also, I think the new standard is to wait to feed your children peanut butter until they are 2 and to wait on honey until a child is at least one , so you might want to keep that in mind before you make this.

Now, onto my very first instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

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All you will need to make this dough is a little honey, powdered milk, and peanut butter. The recipe I always use for my son makes about one cup of play dough. This is perfect for one child or even a couple of small children, but you may want to double or triple the recipe depending on the age and amount of kids (or adults) playing. It's very easy to do because it's just... 

1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup powdered milk (plus more if needed)

that's it.

Step 2: Dump and Mix

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Measure and dump everything into a medium sized mixing bowl. Then start to mix it with a fork. Once it is fairly incorporated, you can knead it with your hands. If you want, add more powdered milk until you are happy with the consistency.

Step 3: Add to the Fun! (optional)

Picture of Add to the Fun! (optional)

Now that your dough is all made, gather up any supplies you may want to add to the fun of this yummy dough! It can be used in any way regular play doughs are used, but don't forget you CAN eat it so other foods are a welcome addition for decorating. You can use nuts, dried fruits, marshmallows, candies, pretzels... all sorts of things.

Step 4: Play and Eat!

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Now we have come to the best part. We get to play with the peanuty delicious dough we have made! Spread out a decent sized piece of waxed paper for each child to play on and make sure everyone has nice, clean hands. Go ahead and give it a taste test while you play. You can eat any creations you want now!

Step 5: Storage

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IF you happen to have some dough left over, it's a good idea to put that in a sealed container or baggie and keep it in the fridge. The dough gets firm when chilled, and sometimes we roll it into balls to eat with apple slices as a snack. I don't recommend keeping it over a week or 2, but I don't really expect it to last that long either. ;) I hope you have fun if you decide to make it!


mrsmerwin (author)2017-05-14

We always used powdered sugar instead of the powdered milk. If you want to cut the too-sweet nature of this, you can add a tablespoon of cocoa powder. You can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter together.

bhoshaw (author)2016-10-17

My mom used to make this for us when we were kids, and we loved it. The best part is that you can eat it, but it gives you something to play with first. In high school, I would ask my mom to make it, just so I could eat it as a snack.

brandonmclelland (author)2015-02-03

I am down for peanut butter anything but this looks GROSS! Also, the idea of eating anything you've played with for several minutes using it as a catch all for germs in the crevices and cracks of your fingers is slightly disgusting, as well.

NanaCn (author)brandonmclelland2016-08-24

Really kids need these kind of experiences . Doap and water are wonderful things. julie.gravitt.31 has the right idea ,?

NanaCn (author)NanaCn2016-08-24

Soap and water. Darn autocorrect. Lol

Well, I made it for six kids (not all mine) all the time. And, now they are all grown up with no ill effects. The only lingering result is that they STILL beg me to make it for them when they are in town. The way I handled it was to wash the kids hands well, set them at a table and make it clear that when they get up from the table (controlled environment), lunch or snack time was over. Considering how it makes me feel to hear how much it meant to them, I say just go for it. They will remember it for, like, ever.

Paperclip Girl (author)2010-02-28

Oh,I need some help, OK? Can you replace peanut butter? I don't like the peanut butter idea, because it might stick to your mouth if you eat it. Tell me if peanut butter will stick to your mouth, or the milk powder/corn starch will stop it from being sticky. Oh I was going to use corn starch because I can't find milk powder in Publix,  or Sweetbay. Help!

 It won't stick to your mouth.  It wouldn't be "candy clay" if it did. You cannot use cornstarch.  Stick your finger in the cornstarch then put it in your mouth to discover why. It won't just be the texture and the puckery result that would make this awful. The taste would be horrible.  This is a great recipe. You might want to try almond butter or a different nut butter, but those are usually "natural style", with oil that separates, so who knows how it would come out. Those nut butters are really expensive, too.  Milk powder is just powdered milk.  You should be able to find it in the coffee/tea/canned milk isle, or in the baking isle. It usually comes in big boxes.  Good luck, and try the chocolate flavor.

desikids12 (author)rimafeathers2016-02-05

you can always use powder sugar i do this with my grand children

Punkguyta (author)Paperclip Girl2010-03-31

 Isn't that the point? Isn't that also why we (humans) enjoy sticking a big gob of peanut butter on the roof of a dog's mouth to watch them lick away at it for a half hour?

LuluB4 (author)Punkguyta2015-10-14

You just made my day.. Thank You!

LuluB4 (author)Punkguyta2015-10-14

You just made my day.. Thank You!

lbradley5 (author)Paperclip Girl2011-11-20

if you have peanut allergy or otherwise.. try the sunflower butter or macadamia butter or other nut butters found at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or other natural food stores.

klb4n6 (author)Paperclip Girl2011-02-21

you could probably try powdered sugar.

This recipe is VERY close to one my family has used for probably 30 years to make peanut butter candy. The recipe we use is corn syrup instead of honey and powdered sugar in addition to the dry milk (although we just use double the powdered sugar now because of lactose intolerance). I don't know for sure how much sugar you would need to get it to a playdough consistency, but I can guarantee it would be tasty. :)

StephanieS46 (author)2015-09-10

Made this today with my 5 year old. She loved it!

RebeccaElle (author)2015-08-07

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this instructable! My baby is a 3 1/2 yr old Olde English Bulldogge. She has LOTS of allergies & has to take several pills a day. She's not very cooperative. So, I thought I'd try making an edible dough & wrap them in that (pill pockets are so expensive!). This one sounds perfect! Thank you so much!

madt1 (author)RebeccaElle2015-08-28

Look out for peanut butter with xylitol in it (toxic to dogs).

margaret.miller.5011516 (author)2015-03-08



quiregrrl (author)2015-02-04

This sounds like delicious fun, but I'm wondering how it takes to being colored? have you tried? Just, you know, a big lump of brown play-dough kind of limits the scope of creativity!

rmcquay1 (author)2015-01-30

How About Making This With Natural Creamy Peanut Butter?

Rocky Top (author)2014-10-09

And to think that all those years in grade school when I was eating real Play-Doh I could have been eating this instead! Thanks for a clever and useful idea.

Isn't it kind of sticky, though?

KaydynJ (author)2014-07-29

thank u!! i will enjoy making this product!! it sounds delish!!

btharding (author)2014-03-25

is there a substitute for dry milk?

pagangod (author)2010-01-14

doese using the honey change the tast of the penutbutter?

ItsYourDime (author)pagangod2010-01-15

it makes it sweeter, yes. this dough tastes more like biting into a reese's cup than just eating a spoonful of PB.

no_one13 (author)ItsYourDime2014-01-24

A really good reeses cup,

pagangod (author)ItsYourDime2010-01-15

nice, can you use something other then honey?  my son is allergic to honey.

SpeedStrikerXLR (author)pagangod2010-12-20

how about corn syrup?

swartley3ga (author)pagangod2010-05-31

hmm I usually use agave nectar as a substitute for honey but I don't know how it would turn out

rimafeathers (author)pagangod2010-03-03

I have used light or dark corn syrup or even lyle's golden syrup as substitues for honey in other recipies, but never tried it in this one.  Lyle's is expensive, and usually only available in the foreign or specialty food isle.  Dark corn syrup has more of a flavor, but check the sweetness level as you go if you decide to use either of these, it's different than honey

ItsYourDime (author)pagangod2010-01-16

i'm sure the honey could be easily replaced with corn syrup. you may want to reduce to 1/4 cup when you substitute. sometimes i only use 1/4 cup of honey, but i forgot that when i looked at the recipe to add it here.

pagangod (author)ItsYourDime2010-01-16

ok, thanks!!

no_one13 (author)2014-01-24

My sister taught me this as a kid, we would make shapes and freeze them to eat later frozen, very tasty. I also made it once adding some nutella, but it can't be too much because it doesn't work as well, but the taste, yum.

Elibb (author)2012-03-24

I prefer it with 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of peanut butter (it probably can be one with almond butter and other solids of the same consistency like that, for the allergens), and 1 tablespoon of honey. While researching, I found peanut butter play-doh on a site with a different recipe: 1 cup of peanut butter, ½ a cup of honey, and 2 cups of powdered sugar. I think that one would be too sweet and probably involves going to the store and shopping for ingredients, while mine uses household ingredients. I dont know on using powdered milk...

zanesmommy (author)2012-01-19

I made this with my Kinder class and they loved it. (Luckily none of the kids have a peanut allergy.) Our ingredients are limited inside the classroom and I was able to tweek the recipe to use what was already in our cooking cupboard by using all of the comments above.
I made a large batch that made a good size ball for 12 kids and thought I would share the measurements.
We used:
4 cups of PB
1 cup of light corn syrup
2 cups of powdered sugar

Thanks for sharing!!

jellybeensis (author)zanesmommy2012-02-18

your version tastes great!!! i like it with a little cinnamon because i love cinnamon

happymarshmallows (author)2011-09-11

so awesome!

pesiden (author)2011-02-05

this was so much fun for a 12 year old great idea

Fred82664 (author)2010-01-19

This is vary cool I first saw this in a speech class at SGU it was a demo speech done by two head start teachers that had to take the class for there degrees in teaching. After they made this we all had a tasty treat. The hole class voted them for an A on the demo assignment.  SGU is in  Mission, SD you can check out there web site from this link   

Punkguyta (author)Fred826642010-03-31

 Are you advertising?

mg0930mg (author)Punkguyta2010-03-31

No, not at all....................

FeeBeeDee (author)2010-02-21

We used to make this when I was a kid too. My daughters love it now. It's a treat and it's healthy!

Ex0 (author)2010-02-19

Yummy! I'm going to try this and the nutella twist. Thanks for sharing and please feel free to share other play dough recipes - I have a goo recipe (made with borax = not edible!) and my kids have so much fun with that...giggling and laughing the whole time as they run the goo through their fingers.

mbudde (author)2010-01-20

If only someone made this for me when I was younger. I ate the crappy flavored red Play Dough. They all had a different flavor, but red was my favorite.

Mr. Brownie (author)mbudde2010-02-01

I remember liking those when they came back out for a little while.

seamster (author)2010-01-19

Ha ha! This brings back memories. My family used to make this when I was a kid. We called it "peanut butter candy," and typically rolled it flat (about 1/4" or so) onto a sheet of wax paper, and then threw it in the freezer. After it was chilled, we'd tear off pieces to eat. But it never lasted very long--it's quite tasty.

Thanks for this!  

lemonie (author)2010-01-12

Nice idea. It's high in fat and sugar, so I guess it'll keep for a week at least. Fats take a while to go rancid, fermentation I think unlikely without absorbing moisture - mould I'm not too sure of. It's a great make.


ItsYourDime (author)lemonie2010-01-12

thanks! i have had homemade doughs mold before but not with edible ones, so i am sure it could happen. the texture really dwindles after the first day anyway. it's not really worth keeping around even the week or 2.

Doctor What (author)2010-01-12

 Hmmm... My sister loves playdough, but she tends to eat things.... Perfect solution!

I wonder, could you make this with something like chocolate nutella instead?

ItsYourDime (author)Doctor What2010-01-12

that sounds yummy.. i love nutella. i really don't see why it wouldn't work and i think i need to try that myself!

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