Picture of egg and platypus friends
This egg friend hatches into a platypus friend! I followed a Mochimochi Land pattern but, under the careful supervision of a little red hen, improvised and made a platypus instead of a chick. The yarn is Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool in Natural and Nature's Brown and another worsted weight wool in black.
Awww! its so cute! You gotta post an instructable!
mintech5 years ago
Love it. Platypusses are way better than chicks. Even chickens think so.

Carpfluff-I think that is exactly what's happening; the egg turns inside out to get the platypus.
zascecs mintech5 years ago
...chickens must have a very low self esteem...
canida5 years ago
Absolutely adorable!
crowangel5 years ago
This is sooo cute! I love the platypus!
carpfluff5 years ago
cute platypus. that would be cool if you can turn the egg inside- out and the platypus was inside. but what's up with the chicken?