Egg Drop Experement





Introduction: Egg Drop Experement

around the 5th, 6th or 7th grade you do an egg drop experiment in your science class or just a school function. This is a sure fire winner for the experiment!

what you'll need for this experiment:
two plastic bags
empty soda can

Step 1: Supplies

what you'll need for this experiment:
two plastic bags
empty soda can

Step 2: Makeing the Body

Use the knife to cut a line threw the front of the can. Cut to the left or right to make the door. Make sure the egg fits in. your body is nnow ready to drop!!

Step 3: Protecting the Egg

if you have bubble wrap that will work perfectly, but I don't so a plastic bag will do just as good.put the egg on the bag and wrap it up. congrats, you're now protected!

Step 4: Making the Parachute

Bend the tab straight up, and slip the handles threw the top hole on the tab. Make them into an O and put the top of the chute threw the O and pull tight being careful not to rip the tab off. most of the time it works more like a streamer than a parachute.Now go chuck it into the air and watch in ease gracefully to the ground...if the parachute works.



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    and also we have to be conscious of the weight, it should be insanely light... any suggestions please!!!

    and the thin disk must not be damaged and survive through the crazy drop in a maze of construction pipes, to be dropped 4th floor of our onconstruction building, but the pipes are in the way? and the protection must not be damged, how'd i do this? and to think the protection is kinda insanely thin. and with a small chute. hhehe our teacher tried to challenge uss, we'll try our best but i need help!!1

    we just have to cut that one piece of little styrofoam and try to protect the egg, only materials, about8-short strings, 1-really thin plastic, a styro disk (2 cm thick 3x3 inch)

    can anyone think of an idea, no adhesives, try to connect strings directly to the thin chute, strictly only 3 material to be foung on the project shorts string,styro disk, and a small thin plastic.. we tried to ask for adjustments, but he said that even their 5 inch diameter plastic, and 2x2 inch thin styro disk works, but he never told us what they did...

    but our teacher only let's us use, a 3inchx3inch styrofoam thin disk, we have to utilize only he little thin and small disk to protect the egg, and the plastic chute must not go beyong 8 inches

    Doing this in straight up tenth grade physics!!

    My slacker friend did this once last second while at school... the only thing he though to do was to fill a  metal container he had with water, tape it shut, and hope for the best. Somehow the egg decided that it wouldn't break...


    my teacher said we had to build ours, not already made boxes, we have to make our own, no cans, not just one item. I made a frame with the egg suspended in the middle, parachute failed, but my egg was fine.