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around the 5th, 6th or 7th grade you do an egg drop experiment in your science class or just a school function. This is a sure fire winner for the experiment!

what you'll need for this experiment:
two plastic bags
empty soda can

Step 1: Supplies

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what you'll need for this experiment:
two plastic bags
empty soda can

Step 2: Makeing the Body

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Use the knife to cut a line threw the front of the can. Cut to the left or right to make the door. Make sure the egg fits in. your body is nnow ready to drop!!

Step 3: Protecting the Egg

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if you have bubble wrap that will work perfectly, but I don't so a plastic bag will do just as good.put the egg on the bag and wrap it up. congrats, you're now protected!

Step 4: Making the Parachute

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Bend the tab straight up, and slip the handles threw the top hole on the tab. Make them into an O and put the top of the chute threw the O and pull tight being careful not to rip the tab off. most of the time it works more like a streamer than a parachute.Now go chuck it into the air and watch in ease gracefully to the ground...if the parachute works.


El Bert RoehP (author)2015-12-04

and also we have to be conscious of the weight, it should be insanely light... any suggestions please!!!

El Bert RoehP (author)2015-12-04

and the thin disk must not be damaged and survive through the crazy drop in a maze of construction pipes, to be dropped 4th floor of our onconstruction building, but the pipes are in the way? and the protection must not be damged, how'd i do this? and to think the protection is kinda insanely thin. and with a small chute. hhehe our teacher tried to challenge uss, we'll try our best but i need help!!1

El Bert RoehP (author)2015-12-04

we just have to cut that one piece of little styrofoam and try to protect the egg, only materials, about8-short strings, 1-really thin plastic, a styro disk (2 cm thick 3x3 inch)

can anyone think of an idea, no adhesives, try to connect strings directly to the thin chute, strictly only 3 material to be foung on the project shorts string,styro disk, and a small thin plastic.. we tried to ask for adjustments, but he said that even their 5 inch diameter plastic, and 2x2 inch thin styro disk works, but he never told us what they did...

El Bert RoehP (author)2015-12-04

but our teacher only let's us use, a 3inchx3inch styrofoam thin disk, we have to utilize only he little thin and small disk to protect the egg, and the plastic chute must not go beyong 8 inches

micah.wheat.5 (author)2015-02-23

Doing this in straight up tenth grade physics!!

airsoft master 25 (author)2011-11-08

working on a egg drop this week i might try it

kylekosan23 (author)2011-08-17

cool im gunna try this

ebert2011 (author)2010-02-15

My slacker friend did this once last second while at school... the only thing he though to do was to fill a  metal container he had with water, tape it shut, and hope for the best. Somehow the egg decided that it wouldn't break...


itsaidhi (author)2009-07-30

my teacher said we had to build ours, not already made boxes, we have to make our own, no cans, not just one item. I made a frame with the egg suspended in the middle, parachute failed, but my egg was fine.

Brad is a fag (author)2009-05-14


crapflinger (author)2007-03-19

man...eggdrops are great...our "science olympiad" had i think 3 classes of eggdrops you could enter. basic -8" X 8" container or smaller with no parachutes, expert - 4" X 4" container or smaller with no parachutes or bubble wrap (bubble wrap is cheating), and the unrestricted class - duh...anything goes...the unrestricted class gave extra points for complexity...because honestly anyone can protect an egg with 2 feet of foam... my friend who one the last olimpiad i went to (way back when) made this crazy k'nex and surgical tubing contraption that suspended the egg in the center above the ground...but when you droopped it it would deform walk across the surface it fell on (wasn't shaped like a hoberman) it was the craziest thing i've ever seen..

Hey babay :)

daltonjcw (author)crapflinger2009-01-21

mine is going to be very similair love it!

hehehehehehehe... what do you get if you take the l out of this guys i'm sorry I had to point that out. I thought it was funny as...well...crap!

crapflingers name i mean

Brad is a fag (author)2009-05-14

i love you andrew, i always have................always will Ps...... I love you WHY DONT YOU NOTICE MEEEE AND MY PALE THIGHS!!!

Brad is a fag (author)2009-05-14

This is a story about a boy name bradley.... Egg drops are awesome, i do them for fun but a great way is to stick the egg in double grape jelly! Yummmyyy! Its always good on my french toast in the morning. anyway back to buisness, this works even though the glass from the jelly container smashed on my face and now its screwed up and deformes 4 life.......... its still a good way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyy!!!! & guys like me so i like them back ;)) Love youuu hit me up! Ily andrew.......

rofl (author)2009-02-04


natethegreat88 (author)2009-01-30

I remember doing this for my 5th grade science class as one of those fun end of the year activities, and my Dad said that i should get a big block of styrofoam, cut it in half, and then drill a hole in the side of the styrofoam in the shape of half of an egg and do the same thing in the other one and then put the egg in there and tape it shut befaore use. Then what I did was put it in a empty tissue box with tissues to fill in the extra space and wrapped in duct tape. Whats nice about this one is that is still survived drops from like 20ft without a parachute and like +20 times. Also she made us throw it as hard as we could at the ground and mine made it. So styrofoam works really well.

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-03-17

ya we couldnt use parachutes... and we did it a odd way. Ok the teacher took a Co2 compresser and put like 80psi in a cylender and we put our container in a tube and then he fired it at a wall.. lol (he was crazy!!!) he beat the purpose of the "egg DROP lol

the "egg THROW"

Pat Sowers (author)2007-05-07

when I did this I made a parachute and I surrounded the egg with Jell-O 4inches thick in a box and I won

hey! i like ur idea. i have to do this experiment this wed. and i was wondering how high u droped ur egg? we have 2 drop ours like 20 feet onto cement X o THX

from the second levle of a building so like 20-25 feet

minimidget (author)Pat Sowers2007-10-19

I used jello as well, but by the time I got to my class, it melted, haha. So when it hit the ground, it exploded and coated everyone around the drop site. great stuff. someone has an instructable about suspending things in Gel, and the first thing I thought of was using it for an egg drop, lol.

instructa-fan (author)Pat Sowers2007-05-09

yup. jello is what they told me to use, but, I wanted to get creative...

Kaiven (author)2007-12-07

lol we had to do this two years ago, a.k.a., 5th grade :P

badburt (author)2007-03-30

Some of the students at our college are currently competeing in a rocket challenge where they have to fire an egg up to around 800 feet and return it safely to earth. The suggestion I came up with to help them out was to put the egg in a small plastic container and fill the container with a semi-viscous mix of wallpaper paste, this mimics the construction of the egg itself. So far the egg has completed several test flights and returned undamaged. This method works pretty well even if you just throw the container and egg at a wall or the floor even when the plastic container broke.

instructa-fan (author)badburt2007-03-30

Why don't you make a potato gun and get a plastic container that fits the barrel, and get a fireproof parachute...and make the inside of the plastic thing full of something that would ease the impact a little more. kinda like this instructable. P.S. Soon, i'm going to make an instructable for potato guns too!!!!!!!!!!!

(fart sound) sorry guys I can't get a tater gun instructable because I already appliedthe glue to the one I already made and was only alowed to make 1.( P.S. i wasn't even allowed to make the first one... there kinda sorta illegal where I live...)

bhunter736 (author)2007-03-22

I just keep thinking that 26 paper balloon cubes with the egg in the middle would do pretty good, especially if you kind of taped them each air tight. Lots of folding, but I dont know if it constitutes a parachute.

tanda333 (author)2007-03-19

i found that taping it to cardboard bent likehelicoptor rotors had a similar effect to parachutes (as similar as you get...) and all you needed was a handful of wadded kleenex to tape to the bottom.

instructa-fan (author)2007-03-19

just letting you guys know,you should wrap the egg in more than one bag.

royalestel (author)2007-03-19

We dropped ours from a 30 foot platform. So I just put a cardboard box on the ground, laid a piece of foam across the open top and dropped the bare egg onto that. Easy.

HamO (author)2007-03-18

I can't help but think of all the wasted egs and the many people who would love to have them to keep from starving.

royalestel (author)HamO2007-03-19

Yer kidding. Right? An instructable on making an egg drop box and you think this ought to solve the world's hunger problems instead? Please tell me yer kidding.

ARVash (author)HamO2007-03-18

Except for the fact that it'd probably be rotten when it got to them.. And what's wasted when there's learning!

instructa-fan (author)ARVash2007-03-18

learning is the bomb man! Except when it comes to REGULAR school...

T3h_Muffinator (author)2007-03-17

The best way to protect your egg: put it in your mouth and jump. (I'm just kidding) This used to be a science olympiad event back in middle school.

Apples (author)2007-03-17

My teacher made us survive "the bird of death"(A board with nails sticking out of the bottom), "Geysers"(boiling water then getting thrown across the room), And a "volcanic eruption"(A camping stove) Plus, we had to drop from 30 feet using only something that could fit in a 3x3x3 inch cube. One of the best ways was peanut butter, it helped deaden the force(plus the added bonus of it being mostly fireproof)

sgt.peanut95 (author)2007-03-17

i know a better way all you need to do is get two balloons and push them against the egg and tape around it yyou can dorp it from heaps high

FrenchCrawler (author)2007-03-17

When we did this in my science class, but we weren't allowed to use parachutes.... they were considered to be cheating. Instead, we (my team) made a large flat paper plane with the egg in the center.

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