i gave the the el diablo a few mods its shoots harder and it looks cooler.please vote and dont forget to leave a comment

Step 1: Grenade Launcher

i added a grenade launcher pic#1 grenadelaucher pic#2 ammo

Step 2: Stock

i added a stock its pretty comfortable now

Step 3: Ammo Capacity

it can hold 20 bullets now

Step 4: Scope

i can hit a tinderbox from 20 ft

Step 5: Barrel

the barrel is almost 30 cm longer also for good aiming
Who the f**k are you talkin'to. This guy is not me if you wuld've paid some attention to the names. For crying out loud, i would never post something like this.
how far does it shoot?
Viccie was just discraced or what ever that is messed up you RUINED IT no offense you kinda did
YOU SCREWED UP MY GUN!!! And to top it off, you didn't ask permission >:(
wtf is this
Sorry, but i think this is a pointless mod. It is meant to be a pistol, and i doubt the longer barrel would increase the power.
If anything, it'd increase the friction, thus slowing down the bullet. If you, the author, went for a frictionless barrel extension, it might shoot better.
dude, don't mess up the grey rods, use bendies

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