Electric Chopper... Version 1.





Introduction: Electric Chopper... Version 1.

More fun than you had since riding your big wheel, this is a front wheel electric assist chopper. just don't try and carry it up your NY apartment staircase or through any narrow doorways. more of a texas bicycle.

This was prototype 1. built from 80/20 aluminum extrusions.



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    Seeing as electric motors are capable of crazy torque, I now have a very good idea of how to mod my bike to help me ride uphill while pulling junk home in a trailer. Thanks for the instructible!

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    You would definitely need to have gears on the motor to be able to climb hills, otherwise you will overheat the power system and it will not be efficient at all.

    you wold not need any gearing in fact gearing wold be bad if you have the right motor for what you are doing you will not have a problem, tesla motors uses a motor no bigger then a watermelon and only about 100 poundsand they have only a single speed Transmission here check the site http://www.teslamotors.com/efficiency/how_it_works.php

    Why not take a tread mill motor and attach it to the chain drive on the bicycle and have 4 or 5 foward speeds?

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    With Extra batteries in a small trailer........ Long ranger.

    Hi O Silver!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to take a 2KW treadmill motor and mount it on my bike. Will I need a conventional car battery, or just a huge lead-acid? Car batteries are cheap, lead-acids are not...

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    Car batterys and lead acids are the same thing. I think you mean Deep Cycle lead acid, which are quite cheap.


    250 watts? thats nothing, i got a 750 on my mini bike and im dissapointed

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    You need gearing to get any startup torque.

    sweet bike btw car batteries are lead acid - they are huge because they have to be to have the capicity needed. If you repurposed some ni-mh's or ni-cd's, you could have the same cap. in a package half the size. Also, if it is from a treadmill or grinder, it will be a 240 or 120v motor hope that helped ooh btw (again) a good source of nimh or ni-cd batteries is broken drill batteries. go to any workshop etc., and they will have a plethora of batteries. generally, in broken batteries, only 1 or 2 will be broken, which renders it useless as a pack, but the individual c-cells inside should be fine. for how to test batteries, GOOGLE. taraa.

    were did you buy the supply's to make the frame?I wonder if i can power something similair to this with my angle grinder.