Picture of electro acoustic coffin slide guitar
i was inspired by stumbling upon a cigar box guitar. i needed to have one of these in my life and so should you.
i loved making this and its relatively simple.
heres an idea of how i made it  

Step 1:

Picture of

First thing I did was cut the front and back shapes.
Then measured the sides and cut suit.
Are used 3 mm ply for this.
Next I glued all the sides to the back leaving the front off and left them to dry.
wood glue or gripfill will be suitable

friger2 years ago
Here is an idea for a source of piezos.
friger2 years ago
Nice job, however I'm stunned at what you paid for the piezo. You should have been able to get one for a third of that price.
vicvelcro2 years ago
You had me at "guitar".

seolfor2 years ago
I really like the look. How does it sound?