general idea: A pocket sized electromagnet on a braided cord for all kinds of activities such as removing keys from a storm drain (yes i know they are brass but the rings are steel!) all of this fits in a D.O. can. Very simple horseshoe shaped electromagnet (double the gripping power) suspended from a cord made of braided: motor wire (enameled) and fishing line for added strength.


Step 1:

1 d.o. can
plenty of enameled motor wire and fishing line
1 battery clip of preferred battery type (9v seems to work best)
1 small bend iron object to wrap the wire around (cut one side off a chain link)
1 toggle switch
a short length of pex and something to cut it with
supper glue or a glue that works well with plastic
alcohol to clean the labels off the pex
craft foam so it doesn't rattle in your pocket
1 resistor
this was merely a project for the sake of making an instructable... it can be improved greatly on, but i wanted room for improvement... oh, seriously please atleast attempt to spell the words correctly <br />
Ive got another idea!&nbsp; Take a natural horseshue magnet, tie a string onto it and use that.&nbsp; Its probably stronger and doesnt take batteries!
eh yah but i was trying to win the pocket sized contest and your idea would get stuck to the metal grate or pipe or whatever else that is it the way mine won't!<br />
attach it to a stick, and it will not get stuck to the grate.&nbsp; problem solved.
The estimate magnetic force is very weak
This is a great idea that could rely be helpful. I only see two things wrong with it, that it is you don't leave your house every day expecting to have drooped your keys down a drain and as said by D34th 4n6el it wastes enamel wire, what I would suggest to do is to only use the enamel weir on the magnet then use regular vinyl coated weir for the long segment. Finally what resistor did you use, in the images I can faintly see white band and a blake band meaning that its a 90Ω but please tell me the real coolers and I can tell you the resistance. this is essential for the readers because if the resistance is to high the magnet well be weak, if the resistance is to low it could melt the plastic as you said or make the battery explode.
kinda seems like a waste of good enameled wire, but thats just my openion

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