in this instructable, i will show you how to modify a cheap webcam to act as an electronic eyepiece for a telescope.

Step 1: materials

webcam(i got mine for less than 6 dollars on amazon.com)

35mm film canister

small project box

optional: male to female usb cord

tools: drill

hack saw



Looks really cool! Nice idea.
Good job.<br>A really good webcam for astronomy is the Philips Too Cam Pro.<br>You can unscrew the lens and <br>you can use metal lathe on a piece of bronze to screw it inside and fit itself in your telescopes holder.<br>Another good webcam is the Quickcam B/N: very good ccd, but... the product is now discontinued.<br><br>Black Sky for you :-) and good observation.<br>
hey thanks for the information i will have to look at those webcams. this project was just a prototype, but i'm glad you liked it, thank you.

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