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Introduction: Electronics Parts Storage

I had a shallow pencil drawer that wasn't big enough for much but it was perfect for resistors,diodes etc.  I cut the cavities in 3/4" MDF with a round end router bit on a router table.  It was an easy project and now my parts are so simple to locate.



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    This is a really neat and organized way to get the storage room sorted and encourage easy retrieval of the parts later on while working on a project. It would definitely help to save time and effort and you will not misplace a single part anymore.

    This drawer is well done and so nicely put together! I am really in awe of the neatness and orderliness of this whole storage solution! I would honestly be quite afraid that all the little bits would go flying if I didn't open this drawer properly though and it'll be hell trying to put everything back in its proper place after that. Best to pack storage containers that have lids in my opinion!


    Thanks. One guy ask what do you do if you want to add a new and different value of resistor. I have extra unused slots and more labels.

    Such a creative idea you have had there! I am pretty sure these tiny electronic parts would be pretty tough to scour through an entire pile of them should they get mixed up altogether. Who knew an almost useless pencil drawer could be easily turned into such a practical electronics part storage and turn your life hassle-free.

    Whoa! I like the idea. I'm gonna make one! Thanks


    Very nice.
    What happens if you want to add a 680K to the mix?

    I think you have to throw away the whole board and start from scratch ;)

    @rbyrer: Voted. Fantastic idea