Elevation Elements





Introduction: Elevation Elements

now elevation is down here are some instructions for elements.
video with all this stuff and more is here:

Step 1: The Bowl

the ball needs some speed before entering the bowl.

Step 2: Halfpipe Thing

this is the halfpipe. it's actually shadowman's tunnel from cataclysm. (last two pics)

Step 3: Maze

this is the most piece unfriendly element i ever made, however it's cool
the orange connectors are obstacles.j

Step 4: Very Well Working Halfpipe

but then it is very cool :)

Step 5: Bounce Element

this is just for fun. make sure you keep it level

Step 6: Pathing

this is a new kind of pathing, you can make it straight (2) or curved (3)

Step 7: Arm With Stop

this is a special arm because the ball will roll to the yellow rod, which lets the arm move.

Step 8: Path With Elastic Edges

it works the best when the ball has some speed when it enters.

Step 9: Zigzag Stairs

this is the zigzag stairs. note that the supports are a little strange to connect. (last 2 pics)

Step 10: Tire Tube

this is an element that's originally made by knextreme.

Step 11: Gap Element

this is a variation on my gap element from flashback. the ball rolls half a circle, and then it falls onto the next.

Step 12: 2 Railed Path Adds

when the ball rolls the adds move

Step 13: Zigzag Path

Step 14: Flat Spiral V2

this is a new version of kairah's flat spiral.

Step 15: Alternators

Step 16: 2 Ball Turner

the first ball arrives and stops at the end of the track. when the second ball comes, the track will move and both balls will leave.
member Happy999 edited this so it will turn if there is only one ball. the last three pictures shows her design.


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werkt deze ook met big air ball tower balls

weet ik niet, maar je zou hem als het niet werkt kunnen aanpassen.

Darn, This awesome element wont work whit the newer balls.

how do you mail someone

Like I said in the vid I love the Gap element! It works great and is aesthetically pleasing!