now elevation is down here are some instructions for elements.
video with all this stuff and more is here:

Step 1: The Bowl

the ball needs some speed before entering the bowl.
I built the 'Very well working half pipe' in my first ball machine and Instructable! please check it out :D
ok thanks :)<br>
werkt deze ook met big air ball tower balls<br>
weet ik niet, maar je zou hem als het niet werkt kunnen aanpassen.
Darn, This awesome element wont work whit the newer balls.<br>
how do you mail someone
Like I said in the vid I love the Gap element! It works great and is aesthetically pleasing!
thanks man :)
Very clever!
thanks =)
Really like the bowl in step 1.
Thanks. :D
is anything else coming? as in a lift or something? <br> <br>Btw 5 stars/subscribe
Yes there will come 3 lifts: returning arm lift, parallel arm lift and the door lift, but I'm buisy with school now, so it will not come within a week. And thanks for rate and sub :)
Awesome job engineering, great video also.
thanks :)
I'm not a fan of knex ibles, but this caught me. Great stuff, between the ICE title photo and great video, good lighting, good pictures, good music, 5 from me!
Wow that's a nice comment! Thanks a lot for liking 8)
Great Guide.<br><br>Like step 3
Thanks :D
NP Mate
Love the video. Whats the bands name for the music on this video?
thanks it's deadmau5. :D
i love step 6 =D
Thanks unfortutubatly you can't build it any more :)
Nice guide, I like it! :)
thanks :)
Thanks for posting this, I've been dieing to build it.
thanks now you can :)

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