Introduction: Elven Archer

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Went to goodwill and found clothes that looked like they could be reconstructed into a cape, boots, and gauntlets..

Step 1: The Cape

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I split the big velvety dress in half, cut off arms and sewed up the armholes. I folded about an inch on each side and the bottom, pinned and sewed to create a finished edge on each side. I folded the top down about 2 inches and sewed, leaving an opening on each end to fit a ribbon through, so the cape could tie together. I drew a pointy hood pattern on paper, then used the leftover fabric from the arms construct it. I lined the inside the hood with fabric from the wooly green jacket,and then used a bright green ribbon to line the edges and make it pop. I also cut slits in the hood for the elf ears.

Step 2: Shoulder Armor

Picture of Shoulder Armor

I split apart an old purse and cut out almond shaped pieces that I thought would work for a layered, leather armor piece. I machine stitched them together only where the tips of them met together so it would maintain a shoulder armor shape. I used the shoulder straps of the purse to hold the piece together on my daughter's body. I bought a gold marker and created a design that I though looked elven.

Step 3: Arrows

Picture of Arrows

My daughter collected goose feathers this summer. We spit them to make the arrows and glued them to dowel rods. The quiver was cardboard. I shoved a fun noodle in the bottom of the quiver to hold the arrows, then threaded the goodwill belt through two openings I cut in the cardboard, so it could be worn. The quiver was then wrapped in green rope.

Step 4: Ears & Hair

Picture of Ears & Hair

I bought WoW Night Elf ears and fixed them in place with spirit gum. I bought a $10 red wig from Amazon.

Step 5: Boots and Gauntlets

Picture of Boots and Gauntlets

I split the brown pants and created a pattern for gauntlets and boots. I straight stitched them together.

Step 6: Here Is the Completed Look

Picture of Here Is the Completed Look


RoilWolf (author)2016-01-03

Nice job

alwaysawesome (author)2015-09-27

Really great! It's so good

ffrisell (author)2014-12-04

Nice job! And great inspiration for your kids to watch old stuff turn into cool stuff.

jmyers1 (author)2014-12-03

My seven yr old has requested this now!! I love it!

robolimbo (author)2014-12-03

Awesome costume! I love the ears! Where was the bow?

rmoore40 (author)2014-12-03

nice work Op. if you keep it up you might end up with a career ^^

hegure_ryu (author)2014-12-02

I agree with @AngryRedhead the purse to armor is very good. It turned out well and many thrift stores have a lot of purses to do this, in many colors and styles. To fit your build style.

AngryRedhead (author)2014-12-02

Love the purse to armor conversion! :D

syedhamzahasan (author)2014-11-14

Love the hair! Nice costume :)

buffy.irwin.7 (author)2014-11-12

well done. You totally need to go to a comiccon or a fantasm event in this. I Love seeing young ppl getting excited about Halloween and costuming. Check out my ghost Rider and my head on a platter, check bottom video showing the costume driving to the party on fire.

peppypickle (author)2014-11-11

awesome costume! I wish there were a bit more steps as to how you sewed the costume, but overall great idea and really good photos!

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