Picture of embroidering
I did this embroidery for a customer on Etsy. Because it was my most intense embroidery to date, I wanted to document the whole thing. :D

This isn't so much a "learn how to embroider this exact thing" but more of a "here is the process I went through".

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You can see more of my embroidery in my Etsy store, making jiggy.

Step 1: Making the pattern

Picture of making the pattern
This took a couple hours. Because I had to fit so much text into a 10 inch hoop, there was a lot of measuring, remeasuring, erasing and fiddling involved. :)

I first laid out the lines - I created an 8.5 x 6 inch rectangle to work in. I divided that into three boxes, one for each verse. And then I made room for seven lines of text in each of the three boxes.

Once I (and the buyer) were happy with that, I inked over the pencil and erased as much as I could.

I then ended up drawing out some flowers and stars - the flowers were resized to be much smaller on the final piece.
jmyers11 year ago
Made me tear up. I immediately started thinking of ' Into the Mystic'
This is so beautiful! You did a really amazing job.
nice one jessyratifink
onrust2 years ago
That would make a killer pillow. I find your patience staggering.
onemoroni12 years ago
Very nice result, I didn't know anyone did this anymore besides my grandmother from Denmark who is long since passed on. Good thoughts and activities keep us "Forever Young".
SHIFT!2 years ago
Jessy this came out fantastic! I love how accurate the finished embroidery is to your handwriting. Great job!
sunshiine2 years ago
Jessy this is adorable! Your embroidery work is amazing! It is not easy to outline cursive writing, I have tried!