I did this embroidery for a customer on Etsy. Because it was my most intense embroidery to date, I wanted to document the whole thing. :D

This isn't so much a "learn how to embroider this exact thing" but more of a "here is the process I went through".

What to learn how to embroider? Check out my instructable!

You can see more of my embroidery in my Etsy store, making jiggy.

Step 1: making the pattern

This took a couple hours. Because I had to fit so much text into a 10 inch hoop, there was a lot of measuring, remeasuring, erasing and fiddling involved. :)

I first laid out the lines - I created an 8.5 x 6 inch rectangle to work in. I divided that into three boxes, one for each verse. And then I made room for seven lines of text in each of the three boxes.

Once I (and the buyer) were happy with that, I inked over the pencil and erased as much as I could.

I then ended up drawing out some flowers and stars - the flowers were resized to be much smaller on the final piece.
Made me tear up. I immediately started thinking of ' Into the Mystic'
This is so beautiful! You did a really amazing job.
nice one jessyratifink
That would make a killer pillow. I find your patience staggering.
Very nice result, I didn't know anyone did this anymore besides my grandmother from Denmark who is long since passed on. Good thoughts and activities keep us "Forever Young".
Jessy this came out fantastic! I love how accurate the finished embroidery is to your handwriting. Great job!
Jessy this is adorable! Your embroidery work is amazing! It is not easy to outline cursive writing, I have tried!

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