Picture of Emergency 5 Fold Origami Yoda
I read the book A CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA and it had instructions  on how to make an origami Yoda (2nd picture). It also had instructions for an  emergency 5 fold origami Yoda and here they are
you will need:
  • paper (size not specified)
  • pen
I would have used green paper but I couldn't find any at Instructables HQ and also, if it's an emergency, then I don't think you would just happen to have green paper in your pocket.
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Step 1: Starting

Picture of Starting
Position the paper landscape.

Fold the paper into thirds.

Make sure that you crease the paper sharply or your Yoda will deform.

Step 2: The Ears

Picture of The Ears
Fold corners outwards - these will make the ears.

Try to make them as even as possible, but if you don't quite get them straight,  don't try refolding them because the extra folds can ruin the shape (plus I think a crooked ear makes him look cute).

Step 3: The head

Picture of The head
Fold down the top over up to the tips of the ears.

Mmake sure you make the crease along the top of his face very sharp, otherwise he will always be looking up.

Step 4: The Face

Picture of The Face
Draw a face on your Yoda.

Draw it how you like - I kept it simple because when you need one in an emergency you dont have time to make it complex.
Kiteman2 years ago
Nice job, youngling.
MatthewG7 Kiteman6 months ago


MatthewG76 months ago


Ez-Kabob2 years ago
Here's my wonky Yoda! I didn't think enough about making his face Yoda-like… Maybe he's surprised?

Thanks for the instructions!
Cute and even cuter in person :D