Picture of emergency fix for a broken sandal (flip-flop)
 So, here is my first instructable. I like to wear flip-flops like most people in order to keep my feet dry and healthy, however sometimes the front anchor point of the strap will wear out after a while and the strap will come loose. I stumbled upon a neat little fix for this problem while working in my studio. So with out further ado, here it is.

Step 1: Broken sandal

Picture of broken sandal
 So here is what my flip-flop looked like after I almost fell while climbing the stair in a hurry.
Thank you! I read your instructable last week and my flip flop broke today. I went into the freezer and took the tab off the loaf of bread. I put it on the flip flop and it works perfectly with no problems. Thanks again. PT
Steamfunk2 years ago
This has happened to anyone who wears flip-flops at least once, and we throw out those little bread ties all the time. This one's so simple, it's genius. Thanks for posting.
NOODLE!4 years ago
this is cool, i will definitely be searching the house for two of these!
ottist35 (author) 5 years ago
 i just wanted to update a bit. I finally had to replace the plastic tab. So all in all, I am pretty satisfied with how long this fix lasted.
 ooo man I wish I had read this before I backpacked in the almalfi coast last week and broke my only pair of sandals I fixed them with medical tape it only worked for a few hrs. ):
ryokoporter5 years ago
 that's ingenious! why hadn't i thought of that?