Picture of emergency fix for a broken sandal (flip-flop)
 So, here is my first instructable. I like to wear flip-flops like most people in order to keep my feet dry and healthy, however sometimes the front anchor point of the strap will wear out after a while and the strap will come loose. I stumbled upon a neat little fix for this problem while working in my studio. So with out further ado, here it is.
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Step 1: Broken sandal

Picture of broken sandal
 So here is what my flip-flop looked like after I almost fell while climbing the stair in a hurry.

Step 2: This is what you can use to fix it.

Picture of This is what you can use to fix it.
 As I was about to throw away the sandals in the trash can by the kitchen, I spotted this tab from a bag of sliced bread.

Step 3: Insert strap back into sole

Picture of Insert strap back into sole

Step 4: Attach bread plastic tab around the tip of the sandal strap.

Picture of attach bread plastic tab around the tip of the sandal strap.

Step 5: Orient tab

Picture of orient tab
 If you orient the tab so that the split part points towards your heel, it will be harder for the end of the strap to pull out again.

Step 6: So there it is! all fixed!

Picture of so there it is! all fixed!
 I have used the sandal for at least a day after I fixed it and is doing well. I really don't know if it will last a long time, but if it doesn't I might consider adding a drop of epoxy to the tab to fix it to the sole. Hope someone can use this instructable. Pretty simple and easy, but sometimes those are the little things that actually will make one's day. Cheers!
Thank you! I read your instructable last week and my flip flop broke today. I went into the freezer and took the tab off the loaf of bread. I put it on the flip flop and it works perfectly with no problems. Thanks again. PT
NOODLE!3 years ago
this is cool, i will definitely be searching the house for two of these!