Picture of emergency flame with a zippo
this is a great way to get a single flame with a zippo lighter and just one other item. read on.....

to show what this process can do,i started this fire using this method.

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Step 1: Items.

Picture of items.
1.zippo with a flint FUEL NOT NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!
2.some tag,axe,other flamable substance that is sprayable.

that's it!!!!

this is about as big a flame as i can get from this method.
dlaneve11 year ago
Did this once when hunting. Used some alcohol from first aid kit. Filled the Zippo up with kerosene from camp stove on a few occasions as well.Nice that you can use almost any flammable fluid in a Zippo in an emergency.
eg6_guy1 year ago
Out of*
eg6_guy1 year ago
This helped me out if a dry pinch lighting a bowl a second ago!
DylanFan2473 years ago
Can you soak the cotton inside with axe? will it work? or will it just dry out?
frodo19853 years ago
break cleaner lasts for about 3 days when you fill a zippo with it
sharlston6 years ago
hairpsray is better
liquid wrench for plastic.
haha dude my uncle gave me a zippo but it doesn't have anymore fluid in it and my parents wont get me any so i was joking to my parents that i would use wd40 instead and they started freaking out. haha
goeon5 years ago
 : / that would gum up the zippo -_- 
cybesystem5 years ago
I approve!