Picture of ender portal (minecraft)
how to make a minecraft ender portal.    computer ONLY, sorry pocket edition
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Step 1: HIT THE DIRT!!!!!!!!

Picture of HIT THE DIRT!!!!!!!!
dig a 3x3 trench in the dirt. (it has to be dirt)

Step 2: LAVA

Picture of LAVA
Fill your trench with lava. There cannot be ANY current.

Step 3: BLOCKS

Picture of BLOCKS
Surrond the trench  with end portal blocks.

Step 4: THE EYES

Picture of THE EYES
fill all the potal blocks with eyes of ender. remember it doesn't usually work so replace the last portal and eye. GOOD LUCK.
julianh2 months ago

nope, its not working :(

Animal fan9 months ago
Well done! Thanks
Animal fan9 months ago
Well done! To bad I don't have the computer version..thanks for noting that!
horses341 year ago
Not judging you
horses341 year ago
You spelled the last portal word wrong. It is "portal" not "potal"
hats99941 year ago
do you even play minecraft? because the end portal is something you have to find, not make.
jojonerf (author)  hats99941 year ago
yes i do. and how do know, have you tried.
Yes, i have tried. Here's a link to the minecraft wiki page:
jojonerf (author)  hats99941 year ago
it might not work before 1.5.2 and i think it works in 1.6.2. this only works in creative. to get the blocks in creative go to decoration.
scci jojonerf1 year ago
Yes, but you wrote the instrucibles from a survival point of view, "finding lava",
flapper5011 year ago
Cool... Maybe you should add some pictures from the actual in-game building of this.
jojonerf (author)  flapper5011 year ago
I would have but minecraft coesn't run properly on my computer. i made the portal at my friends house.
jojonerf (author)  jojonerf1 year ago
sorry, i ment doesn't, not coesn't.