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Introduction: Enhanced Double Bolt Long-pin Rifle

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My most recent rifle, a compromise between a bolt action repeater and a slingshot rifle. With a 15 inch pin pull and 14 round magazine, what on earth could overcome this mighty sniper?

Here is where the compromise comes into play, however... it takes about 3 to 5 seconds between trigger pulls, as you have to first pull back the pin then cycle the second bolt (this works for the feed mech)


Range: Easily fires the white rods that the mag holds over 50 feet, manually inserted fin ammo can get 200+ with no wind

Looks: Bad*** to anyone who doesn't mind a gun with lots of moving parts and flexi rods

Reliability: Jams maybe once every 30 rounds if you use it right, easily cleared by cycling the chambering bolt once or twice

RoF: Terrible, but excusable

Comfort: Absolutely fantastic, never felt one that fits my hand or shoulder better...

Scare Factor: When you do a system check before a battle, cycle the bolts a few times and people will be crapping their pants before you even fire. Think if someone brought a gas blowback Gatling gun to an Airsoft war and you'll get the idea.

Accuracy: Using white rods to hit Lego figures at 25ft, can launch fin ammo mortar style to +/- 2ft accuracy at 180ft

Sturdiness: Here's my gun, below it ak47, and below that the m16 on whatever scale you choose




And... if anyone wants instructions just tell me as I need to know if I should allocate my time to that or building a new gun. Cheers,




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    OK... disassembling this to make something completely different. I'll post pics in a bit

    I've got 4 cats and 2 dogs... I'd say I like medium size mammalian pets in general actually :p BTW thanks for the compliment

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    though (I really hate my phone keyboard)

    overall I think this would probably be at least a 3 or 4 hour build even with instructions, definitely not a simple gun... I will say it looks cool and fires far, not the most reliable or fastest loading through

    I dont know whether I love or hate it,

    ok I like it, it's just built... differently!

    really is cool though.

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    BTW nice job on the galil, I found that and would have made that instead of the z35 for my first gun but there were instructions for the z35 and it had good reviews. maybe I'll see if I can build it and work on the range part or something.

    cool, it was a while ago and i cant remember the mech, but it was actually very simple, so just build what you see and fill in the gaps

    will do, I need to finish this and get my parts back first though :p

    it really is quite a unique design... definitely not everyone's cup of tea but then again, my designs usually aren't everyone's favorite aesthetically :p

    i like it, because it's mad!

    thanks! I've refined it a bit... but it still has an identical core and functionality and such.


    here are a few pics of the chambering mech, the trigger release mech is the exact same as the one on my forward assist rifle. pretty much all of my guns so far have been just evolutionary checkpoints all starting from dutchwarlord's tar-21 (thanks heaps dude!)


    Thanks! Whats the broken green connector for? I will give these pictures a closer look some time and see if they give me any ideas.

    the broken green is for the ramp for the rounds. if it isn't broken then it doesn't fit, if it isn't filed down on that last one it catches on the rounds and they feed absolutely 0% of the time

    Oh. To bad it needs all those broken parts for it to work.

    indeed... so far it requires about 2 cut white rods, two orange with one tab broken off, and that green one. I think the green one is the only one really unique to this gun, but I don't really see any way around it. I'll work on the orange connectors and one of the cut whites, but beyond that I don't know what I can do.