Enhanced Lighting for Your Vehicle





Introduction: Enhanced Lighting for Your Vehicle

I used a Cold Cathode light kit for a computer to add more lighting to my jetta wagon

Step 1: Purchase a Cold Cathode Lighting Kit for a Computer

the kit i bought had a little switch screwed into a PCI port plate to turn of and on the light.

I removed my cargo light from the top of my cargo area in the back of the car and poked a hole in the light with a soldering iron to mount the switch.
then i attached the main power leads to the power of the light reciptical.

Step 2: Attach the Cold Cathode Tubes to the Windows

attach the cold cathode tubes to the windows using the velcro supplied with the kit
then run your wires to the power inverter
i needed to extend the wires of the cold cathode tubes so they could reach the inverter.

Step 3: Paint the Glass

paint the glass directly behind the tube with black acrilic paint, use tape to make a straight edge.

pull off the tape before the paint dries or the paint will peel away from the glass.

after the paint dries, replace the tape and then paint the black paint white.

remove the tape before the paint dries.

the white will act as a reflector.

Step 4: Replace the Tubes

replace the switch
clean up
all done



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add a bigger gaged wire. the mor electric curent going threw the wire, the more power you get, which equals to brighter light. just like adding a amplifire to your sub woofer system.

i did this in my 97 blazer, but when i expended the wires, the lights barely lit up. how did you keep the lights fully lit while still extending the wires?

Lots of additional light there! This might also be useful in an RV or boat, but power consumption is a huge concern. Any clue on the power draw?

i think they would work great in an RV

I used to install these for friends for extra cash on the side. I'd place them under the wheel wells in the front and under the seats in the back, creating a very nice look to the interior of the car. I actually have a 12" tube here that's blue and UV...the box says the draw is 5.0 mA, so it's very low. I'd assume it'd be about that for most tubes/inverters.

i think they would work g

yes, the box says 5.0 miliamps at 12 volts so the lighta are far more efficient than incandessant lamps and most likely more efficient than flouresent