This instructabule will guide you on how to build a lantern, or lamp shade out of your average 2 liter soda bottle.This instructabule is perfect for replacing broken lamp shades or adding a dimer to your average lite source,and save some ounces of plastic from the environment!

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Picture of Supplies and Tools


liter bottle including lid (can be soda or other liquid)
ve2vfd5 years ago
To be just a little more "environmental" you may want to use Compact Fluo "CFL" bulbs.  They also generate a lot less heat.
An LED bulb is even better, because it doesn't generate heat ;o)
knuckel (author)  ve2vfd5 years ago
 thank you, i already do use those through my house but, not on my stage lights! i will install a pair.