Epic Ipad 2 Halloween Costume





Introduction: Epic Ipad 2 Halloween Costume

1) get yourself a white t shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt

2) cut a hole on each side of the t shirt ( or just one hole in the front if you only have 1 ipad)

3) decorate the hole with red paint to simulate real blood

4) cover the holes from the inside with the ipads

5) get dressed with your new costume

6) ask the party's host if there is a wifi network

7) connecnt both ipads to the network and start a video chat between em with the front facing camera. ( a wireless wifi box will do as well)

if you have an ipad first gen or another tablet with no camera, simply play a video that looks convincing on the device.



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    Or you could use a bluetooth camera app for ios i dont know the name its like chinese
    Just put bluetooth camera

    awesome idea. I only have one iPad, But it gives me an idea to do an Open heart surgery costume with a video.

    Serious creative juices flowing here jlanda2. Love it!

    That is crazy! I thought it would have to be some complex, confusing method to make it look like you have a hole through you, but you made it so easy!

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    You should probably give Mark Rober some credit somewhere here since it was his original idea and since that is him in the finished photo.

    (That was the point I was subtly trying to make.)

    I would totally do this if i had two ipads! really cool idea=)

    so awesome =)