Introduction: Eraser Voodoo Doll

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this thing is an awsome toy

Step 1: Matirials

Picture of Matirials


Step 2: Arms and Legs

Picture of Arms and Legs

cut both toothpicks in hlf with the scissers

Step 3: Body and Mouth

Picture of Body and Mouth

first cut the earaser in half
next put ducktape on the back
then put a short peice off duck tape around the upper part of the eraser
then do the same ting on the bottom half of the eraser

Step 4: Puting It Together

Picture of Puting It Together

first stab two tooth pick halfs into the botom for feet
next stab the other two halfs into the sides for hands

Step 5: Draw the Face

Picture of Draw the Face

go ahead! draw a face on the upper hlf with the sharpie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pee-Ka-BooG (author)2016-04-23

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

randomguy96 (author)2010-03-08

Sorry.  My little brother made this.  He's in the sixth grade, you would imagine that he would be able to spell by now.

yeolddingdong (author)2009-12-13

soooooooo what is the ductape for.

heavy.metal.nguyen (author)2008-05-03

I think you need to retake your pictures so they're more clear.

i have a crappy 20 dollar digital camera so i might have a few problems with that

ill fix it

sorry about that

Braeburn (author)2008-06-04

awesome for school

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