Ergonomic Table





Introduction: Ergonomic Table

I always use my laptop in bed.
Using the laptop in bed is very difficult without the appropriate table. Given that I'm living in iran and global markets are not available. Table if there is such a price is too expensive, I decided to make it myself.
Hopefully, the description is understandable given that they do not speak good English.

Step 1: Ingredients

1.The MDF board used
2.Computer box cover
3.Metal bolts and washers

Step 2: Leg

Each piece 25 cm
It depends on the size of your laptop.

Step 3: Cutting Metal Sheet

24 pieces of sheet metal are removed by Angle grinder.
To prevent the wood from wear robes.

Step 4: Metal Pieces Glued to the Legs Table

A piece of metal with wood glue to glue the two ends

Step 5: Drilling

By drilling two holes in the wood to bolt diameter

Step 6: Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal for the floor to create a table as picture

Step 7: Install Sheet Metal

Two small pieces of wood that were already prepared to make a floor plate

Step 8: Painting and Assembled

In this step, you can paint any color you want your table and connect it to look like the picture.



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How did you get the joints to hold the laptop? I made one using the same design except with all wood. However, the wingnut and screw are not strong enough at all.

I made another one in pine wood and mdf a year ago inspired in the same concept. Simpler than these and, obviously, cheaper (about $8)

what is the reason of attaching metal strips to wooden legs?

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