I recently found an etch-a-sketch in my closet and became interested in drawing with it. I mostly draw pictures from books while I'm sitting in English class, or pictures from posters in other classes. It is a great way to use your time while you are bored in class.
Wow! This is truly amazing! How long does it take to make a completed one?
It usually takes almost a whole English class, which is 70 minutes.
I love that you do this during English!
when you're stuck somewhere for a long period of time it makes it a lot easier to focus and have patience. I am really lucky that I even passed the class. I wouldn't have done it during class if it was a good teacher, but it didn't take me long to lose most of my respect for my english teacher.
Don't let one bad teacher ruin it for you. There are more fish in the sea and another might really inspire you. :)
Haha yeah. I have also had some really good teachers though like my art teacher and I had a different english teacher that I actually did like.
Wow! That is so cool! :D
Wow. I can't even make a propper square...

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