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I recently found an etch-a-sketch in my closet and became interested in drawing with it. I mostly draw pictures from books while I'm sitting in English class, or pictures from posters in other classes. It is a great way to use your time while you are bored in class.


happyjo (author)2011-02-28

Wow! This is truly amazing! How long does it take to make a completed one?

rschack (author)happyjo2011-03-01

It usually takes almost a whole English class, which is 70 minutes.

poofrabbit (author)rschack2011-04-27

I love that you do this during English!

rschack (author)poofrabbit2011-04-28

when you're stuck somewhere for a long period of time it makes it a lot easier to focus and have patience. I am really lucky that I even passed the class. I wouldn't have done it during class if it was a good teacher, but it didn't take me long to lose most of my respect for my english teacher.

poofrabbit (author)rschack2011-04-28

Don't let one bad teacher ruin it for you. There are more fish in the sea and another might really inspire you. :)

rschack (author)poofrabbit2011-04-29

Haha yeah. I have also had some really good teachers though like my art teacher and I had a different english teacher that I actually did like.

happyjo (author)rschack2011-03-01

Wow! That is so cool! :D

rschack (author)2011-03-01


NatNoBrains (author)2011-02-26

Wow. I can't even make a propper square...

Kiteman (author)2011-02-26


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