Etched Neon Light





Introduction: Etched Neon Light

this project is pretty easy I did it in a total of 2.5 hours (including etching) the list of things needed is
a neon for pc or a car light
about 1.5' of pvc
plexi glass
12v adapter
the tools needed are:
hot glue gun
radial arm saw
stationary sander
and a computer

Step 1: Designs

go on the internet and look up designs relatively easy design such as steal your face, the mortal kombat logo, thundercats logo,and the instructables robot. I stole mine and changed it to black and white using photoshop 15 or adobe. make sure the design is backwards. after that print it out and tap it on one side of the plexi glass make sure you see the picture IT HAS TO BE BACKWARDS!!! after thats set start up your dremel and etch away. if you need tips on etching search it on this website you'll probably find something.

Step 2: Fitting the Light

the pvc is 1" an the lights have square pegs (square pegs in around hole- cliché) so yo have to sand the edges so it fits in the pvc. after that take your dremel and cut a straight slip in the pvc so the plexi glass will slide in the slit and pick up the light. now I'll talk about the power to the light her is a drawing of whats in the picture
12v from wall ----------------- light pick up --------- to bulb
ground-------------------------- light pick up ----------- to other bulb wire

Step 3: Finishing Up

now put the light in the pvc, slide the plexi in the slot and hot glue both the bulb and plexi glass in placeplug it in and done . from the pictures you can see that I still need to cut my plexi glass to size but I wanted to finish this tutorial so I could enter it in one of the newer contests.



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    This Is Pretty Cool! I Looked At Your Other Instructable Too! The Only Thing Is; Would anything Other Than A Dremel Work? >_> Mine Broke :D

    6 replies

    Looks great.. Good bye Gates.. Any Router would work as well, in fact I find it easer to move and control then a dremel tool and I make less mistakes, it also cuts to a uniform depth as well (( Plunge Router works the best )) ... And a little tip if using a router, cover the sheet with packing or other clear tape and cut right threw it so you don't scratch the plastic sheet while working on it and peel it off as soon as your done , this is assuming it doesn't already have the protective coating still on it....

    check lowes or go to they will have the best deals for dremels I got my cordless 2 piece set: originally $70 got mine for $20

    Beautiful work! What sort of light do you use? You say, "a neon for a pc or car light," but I've never seen lights like that that are long and thin. Where can I find some?

    2 replies

    the pvc piping is for the "casing" of the light tube, and it directs the light to travel through the plexi.

    Would it help to put something shiny like Aluminum foil on the inside of the PVC, then seal the ends (but make a few holes for power)? -Karnivore

    Another way to "etch" this would be to cover the plexiglass with a plastic film, put your logo on the film and use an exacto knife to cut your logo out of the film. Then you just use an etching paste you can get at any good craft/hobby store to etch the plexiglass along the logo lines. After etching rinse and remove the plastic film and you should be good to go.

    1 reply

    or sandblast it. but maybe that only works with actual glass. my mom did it once for a cabinet door.

    I've seen this instuctable a few times, and I just got the joke! Open suse FTW

    awesome idea. and the slot/holder/dock thing looks sweet. use 4 of those and make a cool mirror or piccture frame. awesome job +1 vote