Step 3: The printing

Picture of the printing
now take the block of wood and place it in the middle of the front and back of the shirt this will elevate the shirt to make a secure fit between the shirt and screen. now that the block is elevating the shirt place the newly cut design (on paper) onto the shirt and move it to where it looks good. then place the island piece where it needs to be. now take the screen and place it over top of the shirt. now take wood clamps and place them on each corner of the screen to hold it down. now place a line if ink on the side and then pull the ink with the squeegee to the edge of the design. after you feel it is truly covered with ink release the clamps, bring the screen up and carefully pull away the paper "stencil". now you should have a one color design :) yaaay!!
guy906 years ago
fabric inks- would they be suitable?
MarkWarwick6 years ago
I'm going to be printing up some shirts pretty soon with a very similar method- do you have any idea how much ink you used per shirt? I'll have to make about 50 and I have what appears to be the same size ink bottle as yours. I think the amount of coverage is roughly similar as well. Do you have any idea of the volume required?
slimguy379 (author)  MarkWarwick6 years ago
sorry i dont but i feel your container will be fine