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Introduction: Everyday Dinner for Lovers

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fast-prepared, spicy and inexpensive

but most important: it says"i love you"

surprise your sweetheart even on a stressy workingday!

Just fancy up a good and proper everday meal!

This one is quite hot, hearty and self-created - with love, of course -

Crispy sausage hearts with spicy Jalapeño-sauce in a mashed potatoesheartframe

It takes about 20-30 minutes to prepare - depending on your cooking skills

there`s a shortcut: use instant mashed potatoes ;o)

Step 1: Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

For the crispy sausage hearts:

Use a finely ground pork sausage like swedish "Falukorv", american "bologna", german "Lyoner"

The hot and spicy sauce:

1 red onion

2-3 tablespoons pickled Jalapeño peppers (the more the hotter)

100ml / 3,5 fl oz heavy cream

150ml / 5 fl oz milk

curry-spice powder

For the potato-mash:

5 large potatos


butter and salt

or choose the fast and lazy way - use instant mashed potatoes

kitchen tools needed:

cutting board

sharp knife

heart- shaped cookie cutter

optional but useful: pastry bag

Step 2: Prepare the Hearts

If you choose to make your own mashed potatoes, now is the time to peel, and cook the potatoes

meanwhile you:

  • cut the sausage in 1,5 cm / 0,6in thick slices
  • cut out hearts with the cookie cutter
  • then cut a cross-pattern with your knife - only about 5mm / 0,2 in deep
  • optional: fry the outer "left over" hearts, or chop them and add to the sauce

if unclear: the pictures show pretty good, what to do ;)

Step 3: The Hot Sauce

chop the onion -stir fry until onion gets translucent

add the chopped Jalapeño peppers.

add the cream and milk

add about 30ml / 1 fl oz of the "Jalapeño-water" from the can

add about 1 teaspoon curry-powder

cook on low heat

Step 4: Mashed Potatoes and Fryed Hearts

start to fry the hearts

mash the cooked potatoes and mix with milk, salt and butter

fill the mashed potatoes into a pastry bag and pipe a heartframe on the plates

if you don`t have a pastry bag - just spread the mash in a heartshape on the plates.


fill the "left over" hearts with mashed potatoes - spread with a knife from the backside and simply flip it.

Step 5: Dress and Serve

fill the heartframe with the sauce

add the crispy hearts and some Jalapeño pepper slices

enjoy and spread love!


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first time i see another swede here on instructables, glad to know im not the only one.. Also, great and inspiring recipe, i will certainly try this! :)

I guess there are a few more around! did you give the recipe a try?

I sure did! though I did not make it as fancy as you, but it tasted superb! :D

This is pretty adorable, and definitely something I would enjoy (meat and potatoes and jalapenos, yes please!). Thanks for sharing!

Hot, spicy - and very appreciated!

and soooo good :o)

what a great idea